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Battle Monk (1.3) - Adventurer Class

Many debate on the origins of these warriors, but they have taken up a strong root in the western continent. They are often found in the Dwarven Mountains of the North and occasionally in the hills of the Dawn Lands. Many decide to take up residence in local villages where they become de facto protectors.

Playing the Battle Monk

This is a fast moving and effective warrior.  Fairly well rounded and good at being used in different scenarios. If you do not want to wear armor but still want to be a well rounded fighter then this may be the class for you. It even has some interesting class abilities that give it some range in combat.


Armor Allowed:  none*

Weapons Allowed:  dagger, knife, stick, club, staff, two handed spear, one  handed spear, poleaxe (of any type), throwing Star (X3 a day), glaive


  • Dexterous Movement: The player is considered to be wearing level 1 armor. This is due to quick movement and dodging ability.

  • Strong Mind: Immune to Fae Curse

  • Evasion: Your APR DOES act against the Lightning Bolt Spell (normally the Lightning bolt spell ignores armor/APR)

  • Water Walking: can run across rivers (only the monk, cannot take other players).

  • Can Use Throwing Stars - Throwing stars do no damage but instead reduce a target's APR by 1 point per hit. This lasts until the end of that encounter or duel. This ability can be renewed by the Smith. The monk gets 3 throwing stars per day (3/day). The target's armor does not have to be repaired afterward by the smith, as this represents being distracted more than the armor being damaged.

  • Level 2: Improved Vigor - gain an additional +1 HP

  • Level 3: Cultural Ability

  • Level 4: Improved Dexterous Movement - considered to be wearing level 2 armor.

  • Level 5:  Advanced Improved Vigor - gain +1 HP

  • Ghost Talker: Can now communicate with Ghosts

  • Level 6: Cultural Ability

  • Level 7:  Master - you gain the rank and title of Master and can now use Divine scrolls. Immortal Soul: Due to the strength of will and spirit, the Battle Monk player can no longer be raised as an undead creature.  

  • Level 8:  Advanced Dexterous Movement - considered to be wearing Level 3 armor 

  • Fearless: You are now immune to fear effects.  

  • Level 9: Cultural Ability

  • Level 10: Grand Master - gain the title and rank of Grand Master. Iron Body Training: May block weapons with shins and forearms as if they were shields. You take no damage from any weapons that strike these areas except for weapons and armor that ignore shields.  This ability also works against piercing weapons. Iron Mind: you cannot be controlled by Fey Charm or anything similar.

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