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Cat Folk Culture (1.2)

The Cat Folk originated on another world, also occupied by the Orcs. This world is connected to ours by a still active portal, located deep in the Elvish Forest of the West. Scholars debate on where this world lies in the universe, but some think it could be one of the moons of Renessa.  The Orcs and the Cat Folk fought for many eons in their home world and it was the Cat Folk that kept the Orcs from traversing through the portal into this world.  Eventually, the Cat Folk were defeated, and the Orcs flooded the gate. Now the Elves fight a constant battle with wave after wave of Orcs breaking through said portal, but they often try to allow any Cat Folk survivors to pass safely into this world. Since that fateful day, the Cat Folk have become refugees in this world. The Cat Folk are excellent fighters, scouts, and rogues but one would find Cat Folk in almost any class. They tend to be loners, but have been known to create strong bonds to beings they consider their family.

Restricted Classes: Since the Cat Folk have no land to call their own in this world, they are forced to travel and take up residence where they can. Because of this there are no restituted classes.

Religion: The Cat Folk worship the Goddess Baste as well as their ancestors.

Special Abilities

  • Claws: Deal +1 damage on any single hand melee weapon.  This does not include ranged weapons. This represents damage from extra attacks from claws, fangs, or something similar

  • Catfolk Leap: All Cat folk can leap across river obstacles. 

  • Dexterous Movement: The player is considered to be wearing level 1 armor (This stacks with Dexterous movements from your chosen class also). This is due to quick movement and dodging ability. This also adds to pre-existing armor.

  • Level 3: Improved Claws: Whether through natural growth or training (or both), the damage and skill with your claws has increased.  You now receive a +2 damage bonus on melee weapons. This still does not include ranged weapons.

  • Level 6: Improved Dexterous Movement: You are now considered to be wearing level 2 armor (still stacks with pirate and battle monk).

  • Level 9: Arrow Immunity: Due to special training and tactics or natural ability, you are immune to arrow damage. Always on.

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