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Cavalier Class (1.2) Adventurer Class

Cavaliers can be found in Reman, Emerald, Dawnland, Elf, Dwarf, and Jade Cultures. They are seen as an important part of armies and oftentimes as an important part of daily lives. 


Playing the Barbarian

Very effective defensive fighters. This is a class that you can play if you would like to wear a lot of armor. You are not required to wear Level 3 (Heavy) armor but if you do not then you will not gain the full benefits of this class.  The Cavalier has a very wide range of weapons to choose from and is very skilled with the short spear. While playing the Cavalier in battle, quest, or even duels you are assumed to be mounted (riding horseback).


Armor Allowed: Level 3 armor

Weapons Allowed: knife, dagger, stick, club, short sword, long sword, rapier, single hand spear, single handed mace, spear and shield, medium shield, large shield, long sword and shield.



  • Shield Use: all shields except body shield. Even Reman’s cannot use body shields with this class while mounted.

  • Mounted Warrior: The player with this ability is considered to be mounted.  Mounted: may cross river obstacles at no cost. May carry 1 party member at a time. Mounted Combat: Lance - This player is considered to be riding their mount into combat, they gain a +1 on damage when using a one handed spear (lance). If, for some reason, the player is considered to be “on foot” (as in a tourney, duel, a cave, a dungeon, or stealth quest then the player loses this ability). If the mount is lost or stolen for any reason then these abilities are lost until the mount is “regained”.  

  • Cavalier Code of Honor: May not accept a challenge from a player of lower level or of lesser combat skill. Must accept a challenge from a player, NPC, or Monster of equal or greater level and/or skill.

  • Level 2:  Improved Vigor - gain +1 HP

  • Level 3: Cultural Ability

  • Level 4: Improved Mount - mount becomes magical and can now fly across ocean obstacles (can carry 2 party members at a time).

  • Level 5:  Improved Mounted Combat - gain an additional +1 damage when using a lance/one handed spear while mounted. This brings the spear damage bonus total up to +2. 

  • Level 6: Cultural Ability

  • Level 7: Lord of your Land - Gain the rank of Horse Lord. You now have the title of Horse Lord and can be addressed as such. Gain 10 GP at the beginning of every event (as taxes from your lands).  

  • Armor Absorb Damage:  you can now sacrifice your armor to absorb the damage from an attack. This is a 1 for 1 trade, so one point of APR can absorb 1 point of damage. This ruins your armor and must be repaired by the Smith. Can use 1 time a day and cannot be renewed by the Entertainer. To use this ability you must call out “Absorb”.  For the Cavalier this only works with short ranged and long ranged weapons damage, it does not work against spells. You must be wearing armor for this ability to function.

  • Level 8: Shield Destruction - Must be called out before strike and can only be used if the player is mounted and using a lance/1 handed spear. Once called, if a strike against a target shield succeeds, that shield is considered destroyed and useless. Can be used one time a day (1/day) and can be renewed by the Entertainer.  If the strike misses, the ability remains until it strikes the shield.

  • Level 9: Cultural Ability

  • Improved Vigor Gain +1 HP.

  • Level 10:  Knighthood - Gain the title and rank of Knight. You now gain 20 GP at the beginning of every event (taxes from your lands).  

  • Advanced Mounted Combat: Gain and additional +1 to damage with one handed spear (for a total of +3 damage). This replaces the lower levels of Mounted Combat. This is for a one handed spear while mounted.

  • Improved Long Sword Training: you gain a +1 damage bonus to longsword.

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