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Celestial Born (1.0)

Born with the power of benevolent celestial entities, Celestial Borns are thought to be supremely blessed with strength of will, extraordinary beauty, and innate magical gifts. Sometimes known as Aasimar, Angelic, or Angel touched.  Usually they are found as individuals in various towns and cities but there are rumors of Celestial Born towns and nations in hiding.  The birth of a Celestial Born is seen as a joyous blessing and occasion in most parts of the world. The exception to this is in the nation of Tiss, where the Celestial Born will be exiled or will undergo a life of attempted corruption and punishment.

Playing the Celestial Born
Due to their universal adaptability the Celestial Born do not have any restricted classes. The lack of a restricted class is seen as an ability for this class.

Restricted Classes: Since the Cat Folk have no land to call their own in this world, they are forced to travel and take up residence where they can. Because of this there are no restituted classes.

Restricted Classes:  None

Religion: They usually worship the faith of their local community or family. But are always accepting of other faiths as long as they do not harm others or impose their beliefs on others.

Special Ability: 

  • Immune to Negative Energy: The Celestial Born is immune to Energy Drain and cannot be raised as undead. This ability is always on.

  • Divine Scroll reading: Regardless of class the Celestial Born can read Divine scrolls. If the chosen class allows the player to read Divine scrolls then you can also read Nature scrolls. Celestial Born Hedge Witches can also read Arcane scrolls.

  • Plague Immunity: You do not take damage from plague areas.

  • Level 3: Holy Blast -  2 points of damage. Can be blocked by shields and armor. Deals double damage to undead, devils, and demons. Three spells per day (3x day). Can be renewed. This is a white spell pack. Damage must be called out, also extra damage versus undead and demons must be called out if they are the target of the spell.

  • Level 6: Holy Aura: undead creatures may not physically touch you with touch or with long range weapons or with hand held weapons.

  • Level 9:  Brilliant Aura: You are no longer attacked by bow and arrow attacks at long range (beyond 5 paces).

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