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Cherokee Culture

The Cherokee came through a large portal located in a cave in the Appalachian Mountains. This brought them to a large island east of the Dawn Lands. There, it took several decades to build up their lands and become established.  At first becoming accomplished farmers, hunters, and fishermen they then started to trade with other ocean going civilizations that set up trading posts and way stations on the south of their island. Thanks to this they became a powerful nation over the next few centuries. Keeping their culture and tradition but adopting ideas, skills, and crafts from visiting peoples.  Now the Cherokee are sending out envoys, traders, and explorers to the wider world.  They have mostly remained peaceful throughout the centuries and have even established strong trade with the Golden Empire, The Tiss, the Red Sun Empire, and the Dawn Lands.  Over the last fifty or sixty years they have been fighting pirates that have slowly been encroaching on their lands.

Restricted Classes: Hoplite, YuXia, Necromancer, Samurai

Religion: The Cherokee do not separate spiritual and physical realms but regard them as one, and they practice their religion in a host of private daily observances as well as in public ceremonies. They also believe in the “Thunder Beings”

Special Abilities

  • Skilled War Club: in the hands of a player of the Cherokee culture, sticks and clubs do an additional +1 damage.

  • At one with nature: All players from this class or culture are immune to the 1st attack/bolt from the Entangle spell ability (one hit is considered zero, two are considered one, etc). This stacks with other sources, so a Cherokee Ranger could ignore two bolts.

  • Cherokee Weapons Use: All cherokee can use the bow and arrow (3 shots per day).  As usual they can also use sticks, clubs, daggers, and knives. A Cherokee that has a class that can use bow and arrow gets a +1 damage on bow and arrow.

  • Canoe Building:  May cross river obstacles at no cost, may carry yourself and one additional player.

  • Level 3: Friend of the Spirits: one time a day may ask the Loremaster (or local Guard or Admin) a question about the quest or sense of any magical or non magical beings in the area.

  • Level 6: Hit and Run: The cherokee player can ignore the first attack from a single opponent during an encounter, battle, or duel. This ability can be used only once per day (x1 day) but can be renewed by the entertainer. This must be called out and can work against spells, long range attack, or melee attacks.  This ability is taken from the Cherokees well known historical ability to conduct hit and run attacks and then disappear into the wilderness.

  • Level 9: Natural Energy: The Cherokee culture player is now immune to Raise Undead, Drain Energy, and plague areas.

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