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Comanche Culture

The Commanche arrived from the south west of the Northern American continent of Earth. The portal appeared in their lands without a gate during the year 1867. They have been on this land for nearly 800 years now.  From this time many families and groups from several different tribes traveled through the gateway. It then quickly closed. The portal came out on a large island south of the Smallfolkd home island and the South West of the Red Sun Empire.  Due to their nomadic nature it took some time to become established in their new lands. For several centuries they were isolated until they met the Smallfolk.  The Smallfolk found their ways noble and started a strong trading relationship. The same happened with the Red Sun Empire then the Jade Empire.  When the undead armies conquered the home island of the Smallfolk they turned their attention to the Comanche. But, the Commanche warriors were waiting on the beaches and shores and in brilliant acts of heroism and horsemanship they drove off the undead invaders. Now several trading networks exist to their home island, one of which connects the Dawn Lands. Occasionally some Commanche visit the Dawn Lands in search of fortune, trade, or information.

Restricted Classes: Hoplite, Crossbowman, Mage, Pirate, Paladin, and Samurai. Battle Monks are possible if it goes with your story, but are extremely rare. May play YuXia since the Cherokee are not far from the Jade Empire but must have a compelling story reason as to why.

Religion: The comanche faith is animalistic in nature, attributing spirits to animals and aspects in nature.

Special Abilities: 
  • Comanche Weapon Training: All Comanche Culture players can use, one handed spear (lance), one handed ax (tomahawk), knife, and bow and arrow this translates to a +1 in damage with Knife for every player, +1 additional damage to spear if you play a cavalier, +1 additional damage to bow and arrow if you play a class that can use a bow and arrow, and a +1 additional damage to one handed ax if you play a class that can use one handed ax.

  • Mounted Warrior: The player with this ability is considered to be mounted.  Mounted: may cross river obstacles at no cost. May carry 1 party member at a time. Mounted Combat: Lance - This player is considered to be riding their mount into combat, they gain a +1 on damage when using a one handed spear (lance). If, for some reason, the player is considered to be “on foot” (as in a tourney, duel, a cave, a dungeon, or stealth quest then the player loses this ability).  If the mount is lost or stolen for any reason then these abilities are lost until the mount is “regained”.

  • Level 3: “Horse Thief” - The Comanche player may “procure” a horse from another player that is considered mounted.  To do this the Comanche player must declare this to the target, then the target is considered to be without a mount and loses all abilities related to their mount. They can get a new mount by going back to the Black Smith (or banker if one is present) or buying it back from the Comanche. The price can be negotiated by the two players. If two comanche players try to use this ability on one another it will be decided by a duel.

  • Level 6: - Advanced Comanche Weapon Training: the Comanche player now receives an additional +1 damage to one handed ax and knife. In addition they also now receive an additional +1 damage to spear (bringing the total to +2)

Level 9: Trample - Due to the speed, quadrupedal nature, and strength of the Comanche players mount they are now considered immune to the entangle spell ability.

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