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Faiths of the Dawn Lands and the Worlds of Renessa


Grumok the Mighty

 The chief deity of the ork pantheon, Grumok embodies strength, courage, and leadership. He is often depicted as a colossal orc warrior wielding a mighty warhammer. Grumok is revered as the father of all orks, guiding them to conquer challenges and triumph in battle.


Zarza the Swift

 Zarza is the goddess of agility, speed, and hunting. She is depicted as a swift and graceful orc huntress armed with a bow and arrow. Orks pray to Zarza for swiftness in both physical pursuits and strategic thinking.


Throkka the Wise

 Throkka is the god of wisdom, strategy, and cunning. He is often depicted as an elderly orc shaman with a staff and a crown of feathers. Orks seek Throkka's guidance before making important decisions or entering into complex situations.


Vulkar the Flamebearer

Vulkar is the god of fire, craftsmanship, and innovation. He is portrayed as a blacksmith orc forging weapons amidst roaring flames. Orks invoke Vulkar's blessings for successful forging, invention, and the strength of their weapons.


Lornok the Earthfather

 Lornok is the god of nature, fertility, and harmony with the land. He is depicted as a nurturing orc figure with vines and leaves adorning his form. Orks turn to Lornok to ensure fruitful harvests, bountiful hunting, and a strong connection with their surroundings.


Drakka the Stormbringer

 Drakka is the god of the skies, storms, and elemental forces. He is often portrayed as a fierce orc warrior wielding a lightning-imbued weapon. Orks call upon Drakka's power to command the forces of nature and to bring down the fury of lightning in battle.


Hurda the Forge-Warden

 Hurda is the goddess of craftsmanship, innovation, and industry. She is depicted as a skilled orc blacksmith working at an anvil, surrounded by tools and intricate creations. Orks seek Hurda's inspiration for masterful crafting and technological advancements.


Garna the Shieldbearer

 Garna is the goddess of defense, fortification, and unity. She is depicted as a vigilant orc guardian wielding a shield and standing before a protective barrier. Orks invoke Garna's blessings for strong defenses and unbreakable bonds within their clans.


Lurna the Healer

 Lurna is the goddess of healing, compassion, and rejuvenation. She is portrayed as a gentle orc figure tending to wounded comrades. Orks seek Lurna's aid in times of injury, illness, and to bring comfort to those in need.


Kornok the Pathfinder

 Kornok is the god of exploration, navigation, and discovery. He is depicted as an adventurous orc with a compass and a map. Orks pray to Kornok for safe journeys, successful explorations, and guidance through uncharted territories.


Valok the Shadowspeaker

 Valok is the god of shadows, secrecy, and unseen paths. He is often depicted as a cloaked orc figure melding into the darkness. Orks turn to Valok when they require stealth, subtlety, and the art of surprise.


Tharna the Moonweaver

 Tharna is the goddess of moonlight, dreams, and intuition. She is portrayed as an ethereal orc figure with a crescent moon crown. Orks seek Tharna's guidance for matters of insight, divination, and understanding the unseen.


Korza the Mountainheart

 Korza is the god of endurance, resilience, and determination. He is often depicted as a steadfast orc figure with hands upon the mountains. Orks invoke Korza's strength when facing challenges, and when they require unwavering determination.

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