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Hexenkrieger (1.0) Adventurer Class

The Hexenkrieger, “witch warrior”, is a fighter that can use a bit of Magic. But, this magic training comes at a cost to defensive capabilities and weapon selection.  The magic that the Hexenkrieger can use helps compliment their fighting abilities. Culture selection is limited while playing the Hexenkrieger due to their training that they must go through.

Playing the Hexenkrieger

When playing a Hexenkrieger you need to be able to carry several weapons, light spells, and several spell packs. The Hexenkriger class has access to the Force Blast ability. This requires some special attention and care when playing this class. If you want a character that has a lot of knowledge based abilities, some magic, little armor, but can still fight then this is the class for you.


Armor Allowed:  Level 1

Weapons Allowed:  knife, dagger, stick, club, pitchfork, one handed ax, one handed spear, one handed mace, short sword, long sword, and hand and a half sword.. 



  • Detect Monsters: Once per day the Druid may ask the local Guard or Loremaster if there are any monsters in the area. Will then be told the type and number. Can be renewed by the Entertainer. 

  • Detect magic: Once per day, the Mage may ask the local Guard or Loremaster if there are any magic items in the area.

  • Potion Use: Start the event with 3 free potions.

  • Force Blast: This spell allows the wielder to send out a magic blast of force to the target.  Deals 1 point of damage. Can be blocked by shields but not armor. If the spell packet hits the target in the body the target must move back 5 paces. This spell uses the yellow packet. 3 times per day. Can be renewed by the entertainer.

  • Only available to the following Cultures: Emerald Folk, Greek, Dawn Lander, small folk, Cat Folk, Orc, Tiefling, Jade, Red Sun, and Celestial.

  • Level 2:  Can read Arcane Scrolls

  • Level 3: Cultural Ability

  • Immune to Poison

  • Level 4: Improved Potion Use - Start the event with 6 free potions. 

  • Level 5: Arcane Armor - Cast only upon yourself and gain a +1 bonus to APR as if you have light (level 1) armor. This is cast with a call and must be called out.  Marked as normal. Three times a day (3/day) and last until the end of the encounter, battle, or duel.  

  • Level 6: Cultural Ability

  • Hexenkriger Mental training: You are now immune to fear and charm abilities from monsters and non-humanoid NPCs.

  • Level 7:  Hexenkrieger Lord- gain the rank and title of Hexenkriger Lord, receive 5GP for each event. This could be due to your services to the common folk or the patronage of a government.   

  • Ghost Talker

  • Level 8: Improved Hexenkrieger weapons training: You now gain a +1 to damage for any Hexkenkrieger weapons.

  • Level 9: Cultural Ability

  • Hexenkrieger Necromantic Training: you are now immune to the necromancers drain energy attack and plague areas

  • Can read Spirit Scrolls

  • Level 10: Hexenkrieger Captain- gain the rank and title of Hexenkriger Captain, receive 10 GP for each event and a free scroll at each event.

  • Evasion - Your APR DOES act against the Lightning Bolt Spell (normally the Lightning bolt spell ignores armor/APR) 

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