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Plague Doctor (1.0) Adventurer Class

Experts in curing plagues, poisons, and dealing with undead creatures and effects. The plague doctor has little in the way of combat skill but much in other capabilities.  


Playing the Plague Doctor

In class RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons the Bard is usually a little more versed in combat skills. In the Dawn Lands LARP the Bard is more focused on performing and manifesting its abilities through their performance. If you like to be the center of attention and like to perform in your role playing then this is the class for you.


Armor Allowed: none

Weapons Allowed: dagger, knife, stick, club, staff


  • Plague Doctor Starting Potions: start with 3 potions at the beginning of each event.  

  • Create Divine Health Potion: You can create the Divine Health potion.  You can create one Divine Health potion per character level per event.  This is separate from your Starting potion ability. 

  • Cure Plague: Touch a target that has been infected with plague to remove the plague condition. Or, touch a target that has been through a plague area to help them regain the lost HP. This ability takes one (1) minute to perform and is based on magic or healing skill, or a combination of the both. Has no limit on uses.

  • Level 2: Venomous Strike: Your throwing knife is now coated with poison of some sort.  If your poisoned throwing dagger strikes a target NPC, Player, or Monster they are sick and confused. They can move but cannot attack and may likely walk off.  This can be blocked by armor and shields but if it hits an unarmored area it takes effect.  It lasts until the end of the encounter or until healed. Can only be used on one special dagger that must be clearly marked or shown as different from other daggers. This must be called out.

  • Level 3: Cultural Ability

  • Plague Immunity: Immune to plague abilities and plague areas.

  • Level 4: Read Spirit Scrolls

  • Level 5:  Medical Discernment: Due to your years of training and medical skill you can discern the health of a target. You can ask a player, NPC, or monster their status and they must tell you their current HP and any status changes like curses, plagues, hexes, etc that are placed upon them.

  • Level 6: Cultural Ability

  • Level 7:  Viral Vigilant: You now gain the rank and title of Viral Vigilant.  At the start of each event you gain 20 GP due to funds gathered from your work ridding the world of plagues, disease, and infections.  

  • Improved Venomous Strike: Same as Venomous Strike but can now be used with two throwing knives.

  • Level 8: Holy Body: you are now immune to energy drain ability from Necromancers.

  • Level 9: Cultural Ability

  • Plague Warding Ritual: Perform a ritual that creates a protective barrier, shielding a designated area from disease or curses for a limited time.This area is 20 spaces by 20 spaces (or thereabouts).

  • Level 10: Infection Exorcist: You now gain the rank and title of Infection Exorcist.  At the start of each event you gain 40 GP due to funds gathered from our work ridding the world of plagues, disease, and infections.

  • Immortal Soul - due to the strength of will and spirit, you can no longer be raised as an undead creature. (Elvish Paladins can no longer be attacked by undead). 

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