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Portrait of a Medieval Warrior

(combat class)

I WANT TO PLAY (and fight and quest) !!!

Then you would be an Adventurer

Awesome!  We need players too! first, you will need to pick your Culture then you will need to pick your Class. Each culture has different backgrounds and style of dress. You can vary from this a little but please try to be at least "inspired by" that culture. You can be historically based or fantasy based. You get to enjoy all  questing, feasting, vendors, merchants, games, and activities.

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Additional Info

Items and Equipment: You will need to wear the equipment that your character would have. If you want to play a warrior that has Level 3 (heavy) armor, then you should wear armor that would pass as Level 3.  You can wear less if you like, but you will not gain the full benefit of your armor ability.  if that is okay with you then that is okay with us.  We will have some loaner gear on site, but it will be first come first serve.  An alternative idea is to pick a class that does not need to war Level 3 armor, such as a rogue or barbarian or soldier.  This idea applies to other classes, if you cannot dress the part, either ask for assistance and loaner gear, or consider picking another class.

Pre-existing Characters: If you have a pre-existing character you would like to play (from another LARP or re-enactment organization) you are welcome to play that character as long as they fall without our rules, guidelines, and culture/class combination.  If this is not possible we can discuss it and try to work with you but you should also consider creating a new character.

Modern and Sci-fi Equipment: In the Dawn Lands, modern/sci-fi equipment is not present or does not work.  There are to be no guns, lasers, blasters, etc. Your character can use fantasy or steampunk analogs though, ex. laser blaster would instead be a crossbow. 

Non-Fantasy Characters: If you want to play something that is non-fantasy (a Jedi, or Mandalorian, Vulcan, etc.), you can adapt your character to the Dawn Lands World.  However, modern, futuristic, or sci-fi equipment that they would have does not function in the Dawn Lands.

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