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Cultures of the Dawn Lands

There are many cultures that have traveled through the portals and have ended up in the Dawn Lands, and on our world of Shiandria. The Dwarves and the Dragons are the oldest and have been here the longest, and many say that the Dwarves are the only true remaining native culture of the world.

when creating your character you must choose and Culture and a Class. There are many cultures to choose from and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.  Remember! you will need to dress the role of your character, Elves should have elf ears, Cat folk player should try their best to look the part.  If you can not do this then we will help you or you can pick another class but we do realize that this is often a journey and may take some time.  We do not engage in gatekeeping, if you are tall you can still play a Dwarf, etc.


Cat Folk Culture (version 1.2)

The Cat Folk originated on another world, also occupied by the Orcs. This world is connected to ours by a still active portal, located deep in the Elvish Forest of the West. Scholars debate on where this world lies in the universe. GO HERE FOR THE FULL LISTING.

Celestial Born

(Version 1.0)

Born with the power of benevolent celestial entities, Celestial Borns are thought to be supremely blessed with strength of will, extraordinary beauty, and innate magical gifts. Sometimes known as Aasimar, Angelic, or Angel touched.  Usually they are found as individuals in various towns and cities but there are rumors of Celestial Born towns and nations in hiding. HERE FOR FULL LISTING.

Celestial Born_edited.png


(Version 1.0)

The Cherokee came through a large portal located in a cave in the Appalachian Mountains. This brought them to a large island east of the Dawn Lands. There, it took several decades to build up their lands and become established.  At first becoming accomplished farmers, hunters, and fishermen they then started to trade with other ocean going civilizations that set up trading posts and way stations on the south of their island. GO HERE FOR FULL LISTING.


(Version 1.1)

The Commanche arrived from the south west of the Northern American continent of Earth. The portal appeared in their lands without a gate during the year 1867. They have been on this land for nearly 800 years now.  From this time many families and groups from several different tribes traveled through the gateway. It then quickly closed. The portal came out on a large island south of the Smallfolkd home island and the South West of the Red Sun Empire.  Due to their nomadic nature it took some time to become established in their new lands. GO HERE FOR THE FULL LISTING.

Dark Elf.jpg

Dark Elf Culture - Follower of the Dark Lady

(Version 1.1)

The Dark Elves are connected to the world through caverns and tunnels dug millennia ago via the Elemental Plane of Earth.  They have a small, but thriving empire in the underground regions of the planet. It is rumored that they have connected most of the planet via tunnels and corridors from the Elemental Plane of Earth. Their home region is unknown, nor do any know what their agenda might be. There are two different factions of Dark Elves, the followers of the Dark Lady (aka Lolth) and the followers of the Silver Maiden (aka Elistrae). GO TO FULL LISTING HERE.

Dark Elf Culture - Followers of the Silver Maiden Elliestrae (1.2)

(version 1.2)

After the fall of the Dark Elves from the ranks of the Elvish society they established a vast underground and then extra planner empire. Many of those Dark Elves come to believe that this was the wrong path and they should return to the surface world and the moonlight.  These become the followers of Elliestrae the Silver Maiden. There a few small settlements of the followers of Elliestrae throughout the world but they stay hidden due to the stigma attached to Dark Elves in general and fear reprisals from the followers of Lolth the Dark Lady. HERE FOR FULL DETAILS

follower of eilistraee_edited.jpg
Dawn Lander.jpg

Dawn Lander Culture

(Version 1.2)

This is the “standard” high fantasy human culture of most stories.  It is unknown how they arrived to this world, but they have now settled the continent from the East Coast to the Elvish woods of the West, the mountains of the North and the Fae Hills of the South.  They have established a vast trading network around the whole of the continent and even into the continents of the East.  Some of the largest cities on the continent belong to the Dawn Landers.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LISTING.

Dwarven Culture

(Version 1.2)

The eldest, and possibly the only native, culture to the Dawn Lands.  They have built a strong trading nation in the Dwarven Mountains in the North of the continent and throughout the world.  They actively trade with the Norse, the Emerald Folk, the Greeks, the Dawn Landers, and the Remans. GO HERE FOR THE FULL LISTING.


Elvish Culture

(Version 1.2)

Elves were the second race to call the Dawn Lands home, arriving through the use of their own magic and portals, none of which exist any longer. The subset of Elves includes: Wood Elves, Gray Elves, and High Elves. For the last 300 years, the Elves have fought against the Orc forces invading through the still active portal in the West. They have established extensive trade networks all throughout the continent and their goods and crafts are highly sought after and favored. FULL LISTING HERE.

Emerald Folk Culture

(Version 1.2)

These peoples hail from Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, and north western Europe from Earth in the years 800 AD to 1400 AD.  The Emerald Folk have been in the Dawn Lands for around 600 years. In that time they have managed trade with the Elves, Greeks, Norse, and Dwarves. Some areas of the Emerald Folk lands are more advanced than others, but all have started to dabble, to one degree or another, with various types of magic. HERE FOR THE FULL LISTING.


Fae Culture

(Version 1.2)

The Fae crossed from the First World, also called the “Never Never” or the “Fae World”, and are known to be a precocious and unpredictable race. They can be found throughout this world, but many have taken up homes in the South with the Small Folk, whom they consider cousins. HERE FOR FULL LISTING

Goblin Culture

(Version 1.0)

No one knows the origins of the goblins or how they came to be. Some believe that the goblins made their way through a portal, while others think they could be native to this world. Either way, they have managed to carve out a living in the areas that no one else deemed worthy of claim. They can now be found in every nook and cranny of every continent, sometimes as part of other communities and sometimes making their own. GO HERE FOR THE FULL LISTING.

greek soldier.jfif

Greek Culture

(Version 1.2)

The Greeks traveled through their local gateway from Earth during their year 490 BC. Here they established several large City States with many smaller, outlying villages and towns. Upon settlement, they soon came into contact with the Elves in the South and the Dwarves to the East.  They have been established in the Dawn Lands for around 800 years and have made some advances.  GO HERE FOR FULL LISTING.

Jade Culture

(Version 1.2)

Those of the Jade Culture can be found on the east of the Chering continent (which lies south and east of the Dawn Lands with many small islands in between). At one time this continent had several portals that once led to ancient China, Japan, and southeast Asia on Earth.  There is a large mountain range between the portals so the settlers that came through these portals had little contact with one another at first.  GO HERE FOR FULL LISTING.

Chinese empress_edited.jpg


(version 1.0)

Less of a culture and more of an individual making their way in the world.  The Kitsune have made themselves at home throughout the world of Shiandria but have become especially well established in the Dawn Lands, the Jade Lands, and the lands of the Red Sun.  Males are rarely seen but they do exist and it is even claimed by explorers that some Kitsune communities have sprung up, but are well hidden. GO HERE FOR FULL LISTING.

Manden Empire Culture

(Version 1.0)

Arriving through a portal located on the Continent of Africa on Planet Earth the peoples of the Manden Empire arrived slowly over the space of 1200 years. They came from many different tribes, cultures, locations, and nations from that continent. It is for this reason that many scholars believe that they may have arrived not from one portal but from several. Whatever the case may be this created a great level of chaos and disunity until a great Noble and General of the Manden nation rose up to conquer the entire continent and unify all of the peoples. FULL LISTING.


Norse Culture

(Version 1.2)

The Norse made their way into this world from a portal found in the far North of Earth, above the Arctic Circle. Here, they have settled the central and eastern parts of the North end of the continent. They have had many skirmishes with the Emerald Folk, mostly over land, but the cultures have also managed to trade with each during times of calm. FULL LISTING HERE.


(Version 1.1)

Orks have flooded into the world for the last 300 years, following the Cat Folk through one of the last active portals.  There are rumors that some Ork tribes pre-date this immigration in the East, but none have had contact with those tribes yet. Orks have a clan structure following the leadership of a chieftain.  They are often patrolling and scouting on the continent trying to find areas to settle or fortify and raid from.  FULL LISTING HERE.

Red Sun.jpg

Red Sun Empire Culture

(Version 1.2)

Those of the Red Sun Empire can be found on the west of the Chering continent. Their land is separate from the Jade Culture and other nations by a perilous mountain range.  Their society is highly stratified and broken down into peasants, craftsmen, warriors, governors, and the emperor. The Red Sun Empire has a strong military tradition and culture as well as a strong naval and sailing tradition. GO HERE FOR FULL LISTING.

Reman Culture

(Version 1.1)

The Remans made their way through the portal in the East of the continent around 1200 years ago from Earth in the year 9 AD.  They quickly expanded to the east coast of the continent and built many towns and cities. They establish trade with the Dwarves in the West and the Humans in the South. The Remans have had many battles and skirmishes with the Jotun in the North, but have managed to fight them off many times, at great cost.  FULL LISTING HERE.



(Version 1.0)

Male Satyrs look like humanoids of stout build, with fur-covered lower bodies and legs and cloven hooves similar to those of a goat, or similar creature.  Female Satyrs, often called “fawns”, are similar but often are quick and lithe more than they are strong. For both male and female Satyr, goat-like horns top their heads; these come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small nubs to big curling ones akin to a ram. FOR FULL LISTING GO HERE.

Small Folk

(Version 1.3)

Long, long ago the Gnomes traveled from the “First World” (also called the Never Never) to settle on this world. Nestled in the hills and forests of the South, they have lived for many centuries. They prefer to live peacefully, at one with nature, and like to trade with the Elves to their North and Northwest. They have slowly built up a loose confederation of cities, towns, and villages.  GO HERE FOR FULL LISTING.



(Version 1.0)

Sometimes Known as hellspawn, sons or daughters of Asmodeus, or demon blooded, these beings are not a singular culture but are usually outcasts that make their own way in the world.  In most of the world it is seen as a curse to give birth to a Tiefling.  GO HERE FOR FULL LISTING.

Tiss Culture

(Version 1.2)

The Isle of Tiss contains only the capital city of Tiss and the associated farming districts. However, the City State Isle of Tiss has great power despite its small size. The people of Tiss arrived here through a portal in the center of their Isle that connected to Victorian England on Earth.  Since their arrival, they have learned the ways of magic and have assimilated others into their nation as farmers. They do not seek to expand or conquer off of their island, but are known to be heavily involved in weapons trading and taking captives throughout the world. FULL LISTING.

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