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Dark Elf Culture - Follower of the Silver Maiden (1.1)

After the fall of the Dark Elves from the ranks of the Elvish society they established a vast underground and then extra planner empire. Many of those Dark Elves come to believe that this was the wrong path and they should return to the surface world and the moonlight.  These become the followers of Elliestrae the Silver Maiden. There a few small settlements of the followers of Elliestrae throughout the world but they stay hidden due to the stigma attached to Dark Elves in general and fear reprisals from the followers of Lolth the Dark Lady.

Restricted Classes: Necromancer, Samurai, Hoplite, Man at Arms, YuXia.

Religion:  The good and noble Dark Elves worship the Moon Goddess Elistra who is said to protect good people from monsters and shine the way in the darkness.  She is also called the Silver Lady or the Silver Maiden and is sometimes confused with Silven-ri of the 7 moons faith.  Her symbol is that of a beautiful lady dancing with a sword in the moonlight. 

Special Ability

  • Natural Slyness: All Dark Elf players have the “backstab” ability regardless of class. Backstab: Ignore armor if attacking from behind or the side.  Must call this out for each strike.  If your strike is successful, the target's HP drops to 0. One use per Day.

  • Know undersea passages. Every Dark Elf, both good and evil, knows secret underground passages that allow them to bypass ocean obstacles.  This works for the Dark Elf and their party. While in the underground passages the Dark Elf and their party cannot be attacked by other parties, NPCs, or monsters. Unless they are, or contain, another Dark Elf.

  • Sacred Belief: The followers of Ellistrae the Silver Maiden must take the opportunity to destroy evil monsters whenever they have the opportunity.

  • Level 3: First Strike - In duels and challenges the target opponent starts with 1 fewer HP.

  • Level 6: Sword Perfection - If the player’s class allows them to use a longsword; they  now gain a +2 damage on Longsword.  If the player has chosen a class cannot use a longsword they now can.  Followers of the Moon Goddess can no longer use any long range weapons of any type (but may still use spells that are long range).

  • Level 9: Protection of the Moon Goddess - The player is now immune to backstab and raise dead abilities.

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