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Dark Elf Culture - Follower of the Dark Lady (1.1)

The Dark Elves are connected to the world through caverns and tunnels dug millennia ago via the Elemental Plane of Earth.  They have a small, but thriving empire in the underground regions of the planet. It is rumored that they have connected most of the planet via tunnels and corridors from the Elemental Plane of Earth. Their home region is unknown, nor do any know what their agenda might be. There are two different factions of Dark Elves, the followers of the Dark Lady (aka Lolth) and the followers of the Silver Maiden (aka Elistrae).  It was the followers of Lolth that first turned from the path of good and rejected the traditional Elvish faith. They now follow the will of their Dark Lady and work to spread her will in the world.

Restricted Classes: Battle Cleric, Paladin, Healer, Samurai, Hoplite, Man at Arms, YuXia.

Religion:  The evil and selfish Dark Elves worship the Dark Lady (also known as Lolth or the Spider Queen), who revels in hidden secrets, darkness, assassination, torment, caves, and treachery.

Special Ability: 

  • Natural Slyness: All Dark Elf players have the “backstab” ability regardless of class. Backstab: Ignore armor if attacking from behind or the side.  Must call this out for each strike.  If your strike is successful, the target's HP drops to 0. One use per Day.

  • Know undersea passages. Every Dark Elf, both good and evil, knows secret underground passages that allow them to bypass ocean obstacles.  This works for the Dark Elf and their party. While in the underground passages the Dark Elf and their party cannot be attacked by other parties, NPCs, or monsters. Unless they are, or contain, another Dark Elf.

  • Level 3: First Strike - In duels and challenges the target opponent starts with 1 fewer HP.

  • Level 6: Blessing of the Dark Lady: +1 damage with short sword, dagger, and knife.  Any necromancy ability use is increased by 50% ( ex. 6 raise deads a day becomes 9).

  • Level 9: Kiss of the Dark Lady: Any undead created by a 9th Level Necromancer that worships the Dark Lady is immune to revival or holy bolts from Healers, Battle Clerics, or Paladins.  Any damage done by a short sword, dagger, or knife wielded by a 9th level follower of the Dark Lady cannot be healed by a Healer, Combat Medic, Scroll, or Potion. Instead it must be healed naturally.  This does not take effect below 1 HP.  Example: If a player is struck by a 9th level Dark Elf follower of the Dark Lady with a Short Sword and goes down to 2 HP, it will stay at 2 HP until the next day.  If the player is at 1 HP and goes to 0 HP they can still be revived, but will have to stay at 1 HP until the next game day or until they are taken to 0 HP by other means.

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