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Dawn Lander Culture (1.2)

This is the “standard” high fantasy human culture of most stories.  It is unknown how they arrived to this world, but they have now settled the continent from the East Coast to the Elvish woods of the West, the mountains of the North and the Fae Hills of the South.  They have established a vast trading network around the whole of the continent and even into the continents of the East.  Some of the largest cities on the continent belong to the Dawn Landers.

Restricted Classes:YuXia.  Samurai are very rare, but do occasionally occur due to the extensive travel networks of the Dawn Landers.

Religion: Dawn Lander faith has become a mix of many of the religions from throughout the world. Traditionally the Dawn Lander’s worshiped the 7 Moons and attributed different deific aspects to them.  There are many who still follow this practice.

Special Abilities: 

  • Trading Network: All Dawn Landers receive river and ocean crossings at half price or can buy scrolls for that purpose at half price.

  • Dawn Militia Training: All Dawn Landers know how to use the 2 handed pole ax and 2 handed spear and glave. All Dawn Landers can use two handed crossbows.

  • Level 3: Enterprising Peoples - All Dawn Landers may receive a free potion and Free scroll at the start of play for each event.

  • Level 6: Militia Captain - The Dawn Lander player is now considered a Raider for the Hoard Attack ability, a shield fighter for Lead from Behind ability, or a Soldier for the Hold the Line ability. May use the title of Captain. This ability is always on.

  • Level 9: World Traveler - Pick any 6th level (or lower) ability from another culture.  This ability will be used with the same drawbacks, restrictions, number of uses, and benefits.

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