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Dwarven Culture (1.2)

The eldest, and possibly the only native, culture to the Dawn Lands.  They have built a strong trading nation in the Dwarven Mountains in the North of the continent and throughout the world.  They actively trade with the Norse, the Emerald Folk, the Greeks, the Dawn Landers, and the Remans.  They are not usually sailors or seamen, but the occasional dwarf on the high seas is not completely unheard of.  They do occasionally send small groups to help the Elves of the West fight the Orc invasion coming through the portal and have been known to help both the Remans and the Norse with their battles against the Jotun.

Restricted Classes: Samurai, YuXia, and Hoplite.

Religion: All Dwarves worship ancestors, family, and the Dwarven pantheon. Although, some have incorporated aspects of the Greek, Emerald, and especially the Norse faiths.

Special Ability: 

  • Armor Mastery: Any armor worn by a Dwarf character has its Armor Protection Rating increased by +1. This ability is always on but only counts for actual armor. Does not count for Dexterous movement, arcane armor, or other non-armor sources. This ability comes from the high quality metal Dwarves use to craft their armor along with the high level of skills possessed by the Dwarven armor smiths.

  • Wealthy Miners: All Dwarven characters start with double the starting gold.

  • Dwarven Weapons Training: All Dwarven characters can use the one-handed hammer regardless of class.  All Dwarven warrior class characters can use the two handed hammer, one handed hammer, two handed ax, and one handed ax. 

  • Cross over weapons training: Any class that allows the use of two handed mace also allows the use of two handed hammers or two handed axes for any Dwarf.

  • Level 3: Advanced Wealthy Minor - Triple the starting gold.

  • Level 6: Advanced Dwarven Weapon Training -Damage while using a single handed hammer increased by +1 for all Dwarves. For warrior classes this also applies to 2 handed hammers.

  • Level 9: Expert Armor Mastery - Any armor worn by a Dwarf character has its Armor Protection Rating increased by +2 (from +1).

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