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Emerald Folk Culture (1.2)

These peoples hail from Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, and north western Europe from Earth in the years 200 AD to 1400 AD.  The Emerald Folk have been in the Dawn Lands for around 600 years. In that time they have managed trade with the Elves, Greeks, Norse, and Dwarves. Some areas of the Emerald Folk lands are more advanced than others, but all have started to dabble, to one degree or another, with various types of magic.  The structure of the portal they traveled through in the far North is still there, but the ability to transport individuals to and from has diminished, and now only works sporadically.  The last time the portal functioned was over one hundred years ago, as far as anyone knows. The Emerald Folk settled mostly in the northwest of the continent and have often come into conflict with the Norse.  Their biggest trading partners are the Dwarves and Greeks, but they do manage some trade with the Norse when they are not involved in conflict. The political and cultural structure of the Emerald Folk varies wildly from place to place, but they are all held together by common related roots.

Restricted Classes: Samurai, YuXia, Hoplite

Religion: The Emerald Folk worship a combination of Irish, Scottish, and Celtic faiths.  The Wild Hunt, The Morrigan (aka The Raven Queen), Dagda, the Lord and the Lady, and several other divine beings are often the focus of their worship. There are some that even follow the Christian faith.

Special Abilities: 

  • Emerald Folk Weapon Training: All Emerald Folk can use the Greatsword and staff regardless of character class.

  • In Touch with Nature: Any Emerald Folk Druids, Hedge Witches, or Mages gain 50% extra use of their ability per day. (Ex. 6 spells become 9, etc.)

  • Level 3: Improved Emerald Folk Weapon Training - All Emerald Folk receive a +1 damage bonus when using Greatsword or Staff.

  • Level 6: Power of the Tribe - Emerald Folk gain +1 damage to weapon attack and ability damage, if there is at least one other Emerald Folk in their party.

Level 9: In Touch with the Elements - Immune to lightning  and entangle spells/abilities.

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