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Fae Culture (1.2)

The Fae crossed from the First World, also called the “Never Never” or the “Fae World”, and are known to be a precocious and unpredictable race. They can be found throughout this world, but many have taken up homes in the South with the Small Folk, whom they consider cousins.

Restricted Classes: Samurai, YuXia, Necromancer. If you are a Cavalier, then it is usually some other mount instead of a horse.

Religion: The Fae “Worship” the Winter and Summer Courts of the Fae.  Or, one could say they are led by those Courts.

Special Abilities: 

  • Fae Curse: Player receives -1 to hp and +1 to melee damage. To activate this ability the Fae player points at the target and calls out “curse”.  It lasts until the Fae player stops pointing at the target, for whatever reason.

  • Fae Travel: Either due to the opening of portals, teleportation, or wings, Fae players may cross river obstacles (only affects the player, not other party members)

  • Fae Sleep: The Fae can touch a player, NPC, or Monster, using hands (and hands only), and the target is put to sleep until the end of the encounter. This ability must be called out and can only be used one time a day. Can be renewed by the Entertainer.  If the target under sleep is attacked and receives at least 1 point of damage they are taken out of the sleep. This ability may not be used in town or other neutral areas.

  • Sprite Form: Use this form to add 3 to your APR, but reduce your HP to 1.  Your weapon damage is also halved (no lower than 1). 

  • Fae Weakness: All Fae start with -2 less maximum HP (starting HP of 3 instead of 5)

  • Level 3: Fae Charm - 3 spells per day. The Fae player may make a touch attack on an NPC, Monster, or player in a battle, duel, or quest where they are opponents (but not Admins, Loremasters, Guards, or members of their own party) with their hand.  If the target player successfully touched then they are under the Fae player’s charm.  This lasts until the end of the quest or until the target player is taken to 0 HP. The target Player, Monster, or NPC has to now go where the Fae player directs them (but nothing dangerous or life threatening in mundane life), must fight for the Fae player, or use any special ability requested. Must be called out and can be renewed by the Entertainer. This can only affect one target at a time. This ability may not be used in town or other neutral areas.

  • Level 6: Entangling Touch - Can touch an NPC, Player, Monster, or item with the effect of the Entangle Spell.  Or, can infuse a weapon with the power to Entangle opponents.  Once the weapon is infused it gets one successful strike and then is spent.  This ability can be used 3 times a day and can be renewed by the Entertainer.

  • Level 9: Blessed by the Never Never - You can now see and communicate with ghosts. Additionally you now gain Protection from Evil once a day.  Once per encounter, Evil NPCS, and Monsters cannot target you. This lasts until the end of the encounter, battle, or duel and can only be used once per day.  But can be renewed by the entertainer. Can be used against NPCs if the local guard, loremaster, or Admin judge that player as playing evil character.

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