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Goblin (1.0)

No one knows the origins of the goblins or how they came to be. Some believe that the goblins made their way through a portal, while others think they could be native to this world. Either way, they have managed to carve out a living in the areas that no one else deemed worthy of claim. They can now be found in every nook and cranny of every continent, sometimes as part of other communities and sometimes making their own.

Restricted Classes: Samurai, Hoplite, Paladin, YuXia

Religion: Their belief system is varied, but many worship the Fae or the elements or both.

Special Abilities

  • Goblin Weapons Training: All goblins can use javelins, throwing knives, and throwing daggers, throwing axes, regardless of class. They are allowed 6 per day and can be refilled by the Smith. Note: that is 6 total, not 6 each.

  • Goblin Size Bonus: All goblins gain +1 to APR due to their small size and quickness.

  • Goblin Weakness: All goblins start with -2 HP (starting HP is 3).

  • Favored Weapon: Pick one weapon that you don't already know,  you may use this weapon with proficiency. 

  • Level 3: Dexterous Movement: The player is considered to be wearing level 1 armor (stacks with battle monk, pirate dexterous movement, and others). This is due to quick movement and dodging ability. This also adds to pre-existing armor.

  • Level 6: Goblin Hoard - Receive a +1 HP and +1 Damage for each other Goblin in your party. Stacks with other group co-operative abilities.

  • Level 9: Weapon Scavenger - Can use every weapon with proficiency.

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