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Greek Culture (1.2)

The Greeks traveled through their local gateway from Earth during their year 490 BC. Here they established several large City States with many smaller, outlying villages and towns. Upon settlement, they soon came into contact with the Elves in the South and the Dwarves to the East.  They have been established in the Dawn Lands for around 800 years and have made some advances. Their military forces now include Crossbowmen.

Restricted Classes: Samurai, YuXia

Religion: The Greek culture still worships the pantheon from Earth.  It has remained largely the same with the exception that they now hold Fae and Forest creatures in high regard. They also have a reverence for Elves and their deity Aphrodite is portrayed as an Elvish maiden here in the Dawn Lands.

Special Ability

  • Round Shield Use: All Greek player characters can use round shields, regardless of class. 

  • Friend of the Fae: Greek player characters do not suffer the drawbacks of Fae Fae Curse but they still gain the bonuses.

  • Javelin Use: All Greek players can use Javelins regardless of class (if you pick a class that can use Javelins then you receive a +1 damage bonus). They are allowed 3 Javelins per day. Can be refilled by the Smith.

  • Level 3: Advanced Javelin Training - Damage from your Javelins are increased by +1 for successful strike. Always on.

  • Level 6: In Touch with the Gods - Greek Battle Clerics can heal 1 extra HP per level. All the other rules remain the same. 

  • Level 9: Favor of Jupiter/Zeus: Greek players gain immunity to electricity and electrical spells and abilities, like Lightning Bolt.

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