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July 8th event picnic-potluck

It’s time to spread out those blankets, open those picnic baskets brimming with tasty treats, and to gather with friends (new and old)! Battle at the Falls Picnic! Depending on what you plan to bring to share with others will determine how you’ll need to store and transfer the food. If you’re bringing a lot of food or beverages that need to be kept cold, then a cooler is necessary for food safety reasons. Unsure of what to bring? Think about what you might want to bring to the beach with you or out hiking to a favorite picnic location with friends or family. Remember that simplicity and portability are key! Also, keep in mind the heat - you’ll want to bring things that can handle the heat (even if in a cooler). Items to bring for the picnic: A way to transport your food and drinks (leak proof, just in case!) A way to keep your food cold (ice packs or frozen water bottles work best) A blanket or tablecloth (we will have access to the tables, so we only have to sit on the ground if we want to) Feast Gear! (if you have it) - bowl, plate, eating utensils, mug, napkins Food & Drinks No matter what you bring, make sure that you pick foods that travel well, are relatively mess free, and are easy to pick up with your hands. Yay for finger foods! It’s always a good idea to bring some snacks along too, like popcorn, chips, or pretzels. Steer clear of foods that spoil quickly if left out in the sun for too long. We will have access to grills while at the event, so if you’d like to grill something, then that will be fine. If you’d like to challenge yourself, try to keep a medieval flair or a fantasy element to the foods that you decide to bring.

Some Ideas: Rustic Bread Chips and Dip Crackers/Vegetables and Hummus Fruit Kabobs Sandwiches Picnic Sides: pasta salad, potato salad, slaws Finger Friendly Foods: chicken tenders, skewers/kabobs, drum sticks Watermelon Veggie Tray with Dip Fruit Tray: berries, cantaloupe, peaches, grapes Grilled Veggies/Corn on the Cob Hand Pies (savory or sweet) I know it’s not food, but please don’t forget to bring sunblock and bug spray! What would you like to bring? Let us know in our Google Document! Link supplied below:

July 8th Picnic Potluck

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