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Hello! My name is Kyle, I am new here and i had a couple of questions because I would like to attend an event. I come from an Amtgard background so I know the system is different. Some of the questions I had are:

  1. I see in the rules that there are a limited amount of arrows that you can use for each class/background? I wanted to know how that system worked as in if you use those arrows are you not allowed to shoot anymore and if so can you refill them?

  2. What are the differences in lengths of swords? As in what is the difference between a long sword and a short sword in terms of length or other defining features.

  3. What quality do the weapons have to be? Would I be able to get weapons from epic armory and use those or would they need to come from some other source?

  4. I have a 28lb long bow and arrows made for Amtgard and I wanted to know if I could use them? They are extremely well constructed but I am not sure what the rulings on arrows are.

I know this is a lot but I wanted to be prepared to make sure I was doing everything right so I could jump right in and have a good time. If anyone has any tips for the system for a new player that would be extremely helpful! thank you!

Helen, Lady Woods
TaKeta Ward


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