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For the upcoming event Dawn Lands LARP: Battle at the Falls the temple will be providing:

We will be hosting 3 quests:

1. The Quest for Flowers

2. Geode Quest with Tarquin Expedition Inc.

3. The Blood Diamond Quest

In game items for Dawn Lands LARP:

1. 10 healing potions made by our very own Temple Alchemists at no cost to you since it's a prototype for future potions. Please give constructive feedback so we may make your LARPing experience the best! A flip of the coin will decide if interested parties receive one. May the deities be ever in your favor.

2. Dwarven Language Code brought to you by our Temple scholars for 5 GP. Dwarves culture players receive one for free.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here or email @

TIP: "Septem Lunas" is a way we greet people. 🙂

Brannith Marius


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