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Rules Updates and Discussions

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We have updated and simplied the rules page on the website. It now also allows for comments/questions. Check it out at:

TaKeta Ward

Post May event Rules updates, changes, tweeks, and clarifications. Changing Character classes or Races: formerly the official rule was that a player could change their class or culture before 2nd level with no restrictions. We will now be moving this to level 3. Once you reach level 3 you will need to see an oracle to change your class, and a high level oracle to change your culture. The exception to this is if you play an NPC or Monster, that is not counted as a character change.

General update: we are going through a slight rules, class, and culture update so please stay tuned. Nothing major, but there are some tweaks and clarifications we need to make after our May event.

Towns are neutral areas: The official rule is that towns are neutral areas and no combat between players may occur there. Combat with NPCs and Monsters may actually occur…

TaKeta Ward

Do you have any guidelines for in game punishment or like "punishing thieves?"

here is the link to the weapons cards. Who can use which weapon is a big part of game balance so certain weapons can only be used by certain classes or cultures. Most everyone can use stick, club, knife, and dagger. If you show up with a simple boffer then it will be judged either as a club or stick. At events we have weapons for sale, for rent, and for loan. If you get a loaner it will probably be a stick or club style boffer.

New Culture,

Manden Empire Culture (1.0)

Arriving through a portal located on the Continent of Africa on Planet Earth the peoples of the Manden Empire arrived slowly over the space of 1200 years. They came from many different tribes, cultures, locations, and nations from that continent. It is for this reason that many scholars believe that they may have arrived not from one portal but from several. Whatever the case may be this created a great level of chaos and disunity until a great Noble and General of the Manden nation rose up to conquer the entire continent and unify all of the peoples.

This was a little over 200 years ago and since then the Manden Empire has grown and expanded both economically and militarily. They now control their entire continent along with many smaller nearby islands and trading ports throughout the region. They have made their fortune in…


for rules updates and announcements as well as discussions. ...


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