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The Noble class

so apparently the link didnt work last time, so here it is copied and pasted


The Noble Class (1.0)

Armor Allowed: Level 1

Weapons Allowed: can not use stick or club or knife. Can use: Dagger, Long Sword, buckler, rapier


  • Courtly Intrigue: Poison Use - If you can touch a player with your hand and whisper the world poison to them then they are considered poisoned. They can receive an antidote from the Alchemist. If the target player does not receive an antidote in an hour then they are reduced to 0 HP and cannot be revived until the next morning and must remain a ghost until then. In combat this gives you a +1 damage bonus with daggers.

  • Equestrian: Much like “mounted” you may cross river obstacles at no cost. But, you cannot carry any other party members.

  • Path to Royalty: You receive double Royalty points for bringing in recruits to events.

  • Scroll Training: You can read scrolls from the Arcane OR Divine schools

  • Family Support: Start each event with 20 extra GP

  • Level 2: Martial Learning: You have traveled the world or spent time at university. You may pick one of the following skills. Shield Use (Body Shield for Reman and Round Shield for Norse), Short Sper (Lance), long spear, crossbow (3 shots per day), or

  • Level 3: Cultural Ability

  • Level 4: Magic Learning: You have traveled the world or spent time at university. You may pick one of the following skills. Detect Treasure, Detect Magic, Detect Undead, Fireball (4 per day), or Energy Drain (2 per day)

  • Level 5: Courtly Intrigue: poison antidote- You are now immune to poison attacks. The damage bonus from the Noble Class Poison Use is also negated. Advanced Scroll Training: you can read scrolls from the Spirit OR Nature schools.

  • Level 6: Cultural Ability

  • Level 7: Highness or High: you may now carry the title of Highness or add the title “High” to any other title that you have. At the beginning of every event gain 20 GP as taxes from your lands and estates. Landed Noble - clam one area outside of town that is no bigger than 15 paces by 15 paces. You can now charge a tax to anyone that passes through this area. Cannot block vital services and must observe mundane safety requirements. Guarding this area and having taxes paid is up to you but you do have rule of law on your side.

  • Level 8: Expert Learning: pick one of the skills from martial learning and one from magic learning you have not picked.

  • Level 9: Cultural Ability

  • Level 10: Majesty or Majestic: you may now carry the title of Majesty or add “Majestic” to any other title that you have. Gain 30 GP from your lands and estates in taxes at the beginning of every event. Crown Lands - Just like Landed Noble but you may do this over 3 areas.

Nobles are more common in some cultures than other and are seen as unnecessary by many.


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