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Post May event Rules updates, changes, tweeks, and clarifications. Changing Character classes or Races: formerly the official rule was that a player could change their class or culture before 2nd level with no restrictions. We will now be moving this to level 3. Once you reach level 3 you will need to see an oracle to change your class, and a high level oracle to change your culture. The exception to this is if you play an NPC or Monster, that is not counted as a character change.

General update: we are going through a slight rules, class, and culture update so please stay tuned. Nothing major, but there are some tweaks and clarifications we need to make after our May event.

Towns are neutral areas: The official rule is that towns are neutral areas and no combat between players may occur there. Combat with NPCs and Monsters may actually occur in towns. We tried a small experiment to allow character abilities to be used in town, this experiment failed. So, the rules stands and to clarify also includes the use of abilities. No combat or use of abilities is allowed in towns (safe zones) by players against other players, although they may be used against NPCs and Monsters.

Duels: The one exception to towns being neutral areas is the duel, a duel must be declared, offered, and accepted, and then must be held in the fighting pit under supervision of a Guard, Loremaster, or Admin. A player does not have to accept a duel and the contest must be agreed upon by most players and must be approved by the Guard, Loremaster, or Admin.

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