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Gorsnag Bonegnawer's Backstory:

Gorsnag Bonegnawer was born into the proud Bonegnawer Clan, a tribe known for their fierce combat skills and unyielding determination. From a young age, Gorsnag displayed a natural affinity for battle, demonstrating remarkable strength and tactical prowess that set him apart from his peers.

As he grew older, Gorsnag's ambition extended beyond the immediate horizons of the Bonegnawer Clan. He was not content with merely being a skilled warrior; he dreamed of leading his people to new heights of glory and recognition. Inspired by the tales of their pantheon's valor and the history of the ork tribes, Gorsnag yearned to carve a legacy of his own.

When the Bonegnawer Clan journeyed to the multinexus world of Dawnlands seeking new opportunities and challenges, Gorsnag saw this as a chance to prove his leadership capabilities. The unfamiliar environment tested the tribe's resilience, but Gorsnag's adaptability and determination became evident…

Durakar Creatures

On the orc world of Durakar, a variety of orc creatures inhabit its diverse landscapes, each adapted to their specific environment and role within orc society. These creatures have evolved alongside the orcs, forming a complex web of interactions that shape the ecosystem of the planet. These orc creatures, along with other unique species, contribute to the intricate balance of Durakar's ecosystem and play a role in the orc tribes' way of life. The interaction between orcs and these creatures reflects the deep connection between the species and their planet, showcasing how they have coexisted and adapted over countless generations.

Mountainfang Wolves

Residing in the rugged terrain of Gromaroth Peaks, these large and robust wolves are often tamed and used as loyal companions by the orc warriors of the Grumok Tribe. Their strength and agility make them ideal partners for hunting and warfare.

Brannith Marius

Ork Homeworld: Durakar

Durakar is a sprawling and diverse planet that serves as the ancestral homeland for the ork civilization. It is a world of contrasts, featuring towering mountain ranges, dense forests, active volcanoes, frozen tundras, and floating continents suspended among the clouds. The orks have adapted to the challenges of their planet, forming unique civilizations across its major continents while embracing their rich cultural diversity.

Durakar is a world of contrasts and rich cultural diversity, where the orks have embraced their environments to develop unique civilizations that reflect their values and beliefs. From the highest peaks to the deepest caverns, the orks of Durakar have forged their identities as resilient, innovative, and adaptable beings, guided by the teachings of their pantheon and the rich tapestry of their homeworld.

Cultural Diversity:

Brannith Marius

Ork Pantheon

Grumok the Mighty

The chief deity of the ork pantheon, Grumok embodies strength, courage, and leadership. He is often depicted as a colossal orc warrior wielding a mighty warhammer. Grumok is revered as the father of all orks, guiding them to conquer challenges and triumph in battle.

Zarza the Swift

Brannith Marius

The 13 Great Orc Tribes

Ashenshadow Tribe


The Ashenshadow Tribe, rising from the charred and desolate landscapes of the Emberwaste Desert, has a history marked by resilience, survival, and the mastery of the scorching sands. Generations ago, the tribe settled amidst the unforgiving desert, learning to endure its relentless heat and harness the raw power of fire and sun. Their history is one of forging unity in adversity and finding strength amidst the desolation.


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