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Report to the Reman Senate from Vegas Marius


Report of Vagus Marius, Centurian of the New Seventh Legion to the Most Honorable Senate

Ave Councilor,

While traveling in the unconquered lands to our southern frontier, I followed traveling merchants to a town called ‘Hammer Home’ by the locals. The town sits along a river along a mountain pass, and would be critical to our logistics in the coming campaign. Of interest, there is a deity called the Raven Queen that pursued battle against a so-called Lich Queen that had settled in a nearby cave. I joined the battle on the side of the Raven Queen, so as not to be eaten by wights. This Lich Queen is different from the usual undead, and was intelligent and cunning. She easily corrupted several local Fae and one of the Boatmen to her cause, a deity called Orkus. There is much strength with this one, an envoy should be dispatched, perhaps with some expendables to feed her army and observe the process. I recommend setting spies against this Raven Queen, very little is known of her goals or from

whenst she hails. I do not trust her.

Secondly, the majority of the defenders of this hamlet were Fae creatures, pitiful and weak without their magic. There were a couple of the smaller folk, a pirate and a cleric of some note, likely bribable. There was another pirate loafing around the docks, I believe he might be the very same miscreant wanted for the pillaging of the Treasury ship during the late incident in Sedica. A Century of men can take and fortify this Hamlet within a day, and free up twice the supplies for the real fighting to the Southwest. Recommend immediate plans for mobilization.

For Victory and Glory!


Anthony Jackson


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