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Fenric Lightfoot's Backstory:

Was born to a lower class mining family. One older sister named Eldrin and Two twin brothers named Fenrir and Fenris.

Our last names are not based on a sir name or maiden name. It's based on our characteristics and skills.

An old ranger taught me how to hunt in my early years. As I got better he noticed something about me. That I was light on my feet. So he and his fellow rangers and hunters would keep calling me light feet, but I didn't like the sound of it.

So, i looked at that old crow that taught me all I know. Told him that my name is Fenric Lightfoot from now on. And It was and always will be.

Also due to my ability to hunt without the animals hearing me walk or run in the forests of the dawn lands. Able to move passed people in the streets with swiftness. My nimbleness granted to me by my size and weight.

As I grew older I had a fondness for music.

Attributed by the song birds in forests. Sometimes I would sleep more soundly out in the wilderness than in my own bed.

Nonetheless. I slowly learned to beat a drum and play a rhythmic tune on a lute.

I entertained my neighbors and family until I got talented enough.

Then I said my farewells and set out on my adventures to find a place where I belong as Fenric Lightfoot.

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