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The 7 moons and the religion of the 7 moons

  1. Silvan-Ri (the silver moon, the Silver Lady, the goddess of good Dark Elves)

  2. M'Nak (the brown moon that also represents magic)

  3. Vortex the black moon (Lord of Evil and Tyranny, in some parts of the world he is also combined with or seen as Asmodeous)

  4. Renessa the Red Mood (and mother of all)

  5. Crysteel (the white moon, the daughter of cold-hearted intelligence and warfare and ice & snow)

  6. Valorus (the moon that looks like ours, the moon of war and sacrifice)

  7. Shiandria forest maiden there is also the twins of Duran (the blue and white moon, actually a water planet with strong storms)

In actuality Ranessa is a Gas Giant planet and the other moons, and the planet we are on, are in orbit around the gas Giant Ranessa. But, from the perspective of the people on the planet we are on, they think that all of the moons and the gas giant are just all moons, since they don’t know science. The planet we are on is actually a moon around Ranessa, it is called Shiandria and is known as the Forest Maiden.

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