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The Golden Empire

Far to the east there is an ancient empire rules by a council of dragons. All being equal and even allowing "lesser races" such as Elves and Dwarves to sit on this governing body. All are equal, it's just that the Golden Dragons that lead it are more equal. Despite it's somewhat overly litigious, bureaucratic, and tradition laden rules it is a good kingdom. Most souls that live there do not get any say in it's governance but they experience peace, prosperity, protection, and governance so do not seem to mind. The Golden empire has a vast, and profitable trading network and they will trade with anyone as long as they follow basic rules and act civilized. They have strong relations with the Golden Dwarves in mountain range to their east. The Golden Dwarves also act as a buffer state between the Golden Empire and their deadly rivals the Cynder. Which is a kingdom ruled by a Red Dragon and often hires Dark Elves as their enforcers, spies, and assassins.

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