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Upcoming Events

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  • Jan Event - Jan 28th at the gym in Annville, XP and RP awarded, court and lots of other activities.

  • Feb 19th - joint fight practice at Helens (along with the LARP group from Somerset, Fallen Syndicate), XP and RP awarded, free!

  • Possible camping event/hang out - maybe march or april - more info to come

  • 3 day Spring Event - May 5th to 7th @ Helens - full LARP event, XP awarded, Royalty points,quest, battles, food, all the things!

  • Small, one day event - July 22nd Location TBD, XP and RP awarded

    • Possible locations - Flat Lick Falls, Levi Jackson, others?

  • Fall 3 day event - Oct 6th-8th. Location to be determined. Possible locations include, Helens, Jana & Bryan’s, Annville campground, Wildcat, Jackson Co campground. Full Larp event, camping, XP and RP awarded, battles, quest, court, all kinds of fun stuff.

J Robert Jones


To help everyone keep up with upcoming Dawn Lands LARP event...


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