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The Dawn Lands LARP will be hosting a Charity Sword fighting tournament to raise money for Cumberland Valley Domestic Violence Services, inc. at the Jan 28th Masquerade Ball and Victory Celebration Event.

  • Single Elimination, entry fee is $10.00 and you get 1 “life”. For $15.00 you get 2 “lives”

  • Weapons allowed: any safe professional LARP weapon or any authorized Dawn Lands LARP foam weapon. Tourney will go to 3 points, first participant to score 3 hits wins. Will break and reset after each hit. No ranged or thrown weapons. Referee has final say on all issues.

  • Fighting: Opponents will agree on used weapons forms (single sword, daggers, sword and shield, mix, etc). Minimum contact. No strikes to the head, groin, or neck. Hands and feet are not valid targets but not penalized.

Winner receives 100 GP, 2 XP, a gift, and the title of "protector of the realm"

All funds raised will go to benefit the Cumberland Valley Domestic Violence Services



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