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July 8th event

Info for our July 8th Event

  • The event is a one day event, but you may camp the night before and the night of.

  • Please pre-register before the event, we will be taking the entry fee on site but pre-registering will help us run things much more smoothly

  • Pre-register here:

  • Please decide beforehand what type of character you want to play

    • Adventurer - take place in all quest and combat

    • Townsfolk - character support, take most quest but not combat except for duels

    • Traveler - hang out and cosplay

    • Ghost - we will be discouraging Ghost/spectators during this event.

  • Directions: look up flat lick falls in your GPS, the actual road name is Gray Hawk Dairy Road then Flat Lick Falls Road. We will have signs up and pics on the website and on the facebook event page.


To help everyone keep up with upcoming Dawn Lands LARP event...


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