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Upcoming Events

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If you have not already pre-registered, please do so.

If you have not filled out the character set up sheet (we use this to build you a character sheet before the event). Please do so.

Here is a the online waivers and photo-release docs (you need to fill these out either online or at the gate).

If you need to pick out a culture or look at the cultures you can go here. If you just want to hang out in the tavern and be more of a cos-player then you don't really have to pick out a culture from this list.

Playable Class List (paper copy). If you are going to play in the quest and do things like fight then you will need to pick out one of these character classes. Here you have several options. If you just want to stay in the tavern area and shop and cosplay then you wont have to pick a class. If you want to play but had rather stay out of combat you can play a non-combat class.

Weapons Chart (paper copy). If you are playing a combat class and engaging in quest and fighting then you will need this info.

Armor Chart (paper copy). if you have a combat character that wears armor this will be important.


To help everyone keep up with upcoming Dawn Lands LARP event...
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