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Houses, Guilds, and Orders


A household is a group of players. This group could be based on a theme, such as “all pirates” or “all Dwarves”. It could be based on no theme at all “just a bunch of friends that like each other”.  For this group to receive official perks of the royalty system in the Dawn Lands LARP game they must pick a Liege Lord.  The household can refer to itself in any way that it likes, a “Clan”, “temple”, “free company”, etc.


Households are not legally part of the Dawn Lands LARP and the Dawn Lands LARP takes no responsibility for their actions outside of the game. Inside the game they may get special recognition, with admin approval can be put on event schedules for their own activities, such as a tournament for household members only. A household could have a uniform, a flag, and even their own campsite. 


Most importantly, with approval of the admin a household could perform a role within the Dawn Lands LARP game. A household could run a temple, or take up the role as the town guard for an event, or could hire themselves out as a mercenary group.


A household still must abide by party size when going on a quest. A party size is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5.  The “normal” number is 3 players per party, so encounters that have 4 or 5 will be harder and encounters that have 2 players will be slightly easier. If a household is larger than the party size limit then they may split up into multiple smaller parties. 


Liege Lords of households will be responsible for helping the administration spread important information to players. The Liege Lords will also be responsible for helping admin with things like updating players character sheets and updating any player information.


The big “take away” about Households is that they are created and administered by players, but get perks from the official game organization. 


Are organized according to profession, area of study, or duty. These mirror real life guilds in modern times and in history.  Guilds can be organized by the Dawn Lands LARP administration or by players but must adhere to certain rules.


Guilds do not receive perks from the Royalty System but they can be integrated into the continuing story of the Dawn Lands LARP.  This also means that Guild members may be needed to perform special duties or tasks during events related to the Guild’s role. With permission from administration a Guild could even set up special quests or related activities.


Guild members could belong to a Guild and Household.  The governing body of a guild, or its leader, would determine the criteria for Guild membership.  Titles, organization, and all other related considerations are up to the leader or governing body of the Guild.


Official Orders can only be created by the Administration. One example would be the Order of the Mule, which is given to players that help run the Dawn Lands LARP game.  Households can create their own orders but these are something that they recognize internally and have no direct bearing on the Dawn Lands LARP game.


Membership in an Order is usually gained through service, a special deed, or an act of altruistic behavior (such as Bravery or Sacrifice).


A player could be a member of multiple orders.  A player could also be a member of multiple orders, a household, and a guild. 

House Marius.jpg

House Marius

In the mundane world, House Marius grew out of a Martial Arts school and then become a shire in the SCA.  Now in the Dawn Lands the players stay on but more in the of administration, writers, support, and staff.

In game House Marius is the family of Vegas Marius and Sgt. Brannith Marius of the Reman Republic.

Clan Gren

In the wake of the passing of the patriarch of the noble Gren family due to old age, the family's legacy underwent a transformation. With the inheritance duly distributed among the three eldest siblings, the changes were profound. Streusel (John), the eldest among them, was granted the prestigious title of "Lord of Gren House," solidifying his position as the head of the family's noble lineage.


Brule, the middle sibling, received a legendary heirloom known as the "Cracker" hammer. This formidable weapon held significant historical and symbolic value within the Gren family, a testament to their noble warrior heritage. It became a symbol of Brule's duty to uphold the family's traditions and protect their ancestral lands.

The youngest of the three, Cupcake (Ethan), was entrusted with the family's cherished suit of armor known as "Frosting." This finely crafted and enchanted armor was said to have been blessed by ancient deities, rendering it not only a symbol of honor but also a source of protection and power. As the Gren family moved forward into a new era, their noble legacy rested upon the shoulders of these three siblings, each with their unique responsibilities and roles to uphold.


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Always there and always welcome as family, as close as you can be without sharing parents Puddin Gren (Seth) has been with us from the beginning of our childhood; work, playing, training.


Taking a liking to the Spear that our master at arms preferred, he became a spear master himself. A force to be reckoned with


The Clan Gren family tree GO HERE.

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Pampas Grass

Order of the Golden Rod

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Order of the Guardians of the Dawn

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Order of the mule.jpg

Order of the Mule

The Order of the Mule was established to recognize and reward those players and staff members that have sacrificed their own time in order to help the Dawn Lands LARP grow.  

Clan Black Root

Thordic Strongfellow was a prince to his people, and well liked by those that followed him. He was a strong Viking warrior, and everyone relied on his berserker strength to win many battles, and skirmishes. A Jotun attack on his village left him broken, and beaten, but not dead. He was found by a Reman Cleric that nursed him back to health, and he came to realize he was the only survivor of his clan. Vowing vengeance against those that brought him more pain than he ever thought possible he set his sight on becoming strong enough to make them hurt more than they hurt him. Along his journey he has saved lives, made friends, and though this he has started to rebuild the family he lost during the Jotun attack. Though he is cheerful, and shares his tales with others. Deep down his heart still aches for what was taken from him, and when he needs it that is where his rage comes from. Protecting his friends, keeping those he cherishes save is what matters most, and he will give his life to never see his new clan be decimated like the one before.


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