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Jade Culture (1.2)

Those of the Jade Culture can be found on the east of the Chering continent (which lies south and east of the Dawn Lands with many small islands in between). At one time this continent had several portals that once led to ancient China, Japan, and southeast Asia on Earth.  There is a large mountain range between the portals so the settlers that came through these portals had little contact with one another at first.  The peoples on the continent have grown and expanded over the many centuries. Making contact with outside nations and cultures.  The continent has now settled into an uneasy peace as they start to explore the world of Shiandria. The Jade culture does not have a standard or unified military tradition, but many of the You Xia warriors (also known as Knight Errant) can be found here.

Restricted Classes: Hoplite, Samurai

Religion: Most Jade Culture players worship ancestors, the celestial court, or village spirits.

Special Abilities: 

  • Special Classes: Can play Youxia (Aka Jade Knight Errant).

  • Multilingual: Due to the disunified nature of the Jade Lands all Jade Culture players may understand one additional written language.

  • Jade Militia Tradition: all Jade Culture players can use long spear (aka 2 handed spear) regardless of their class.  If they play a Spearmaster, Battle Monk, Youxia, or Soldier classes then they receive an additional +1 to damage.

  • Level 3: Advanced Jade Militia Training- All Jade culture players at this level can use the crossbow, regardless of class.  3 crossbow bolts a day, can be renewed by the Smith. 

  • Level 6: Chi Healing- Once per day you may heal yourself up to full hit points.  This ability only works on yourself and cannot be renewed by entertainers. This ability takes effect by repeating the phrase chi heal 5 times. If you are interrupted or stop this chant then the ability is depleted.

  • Level 9: Chi Magic: can imbue the non-ranged weapon you are holding with the properties of one of the following spells: Lighting bolt, Fireball, or Entangle.  Only last for the encounter and you have the ability 1 time a day.  Can be renewed by the Entertainer. The damage from the chi magic stacks with the damage from the weapon.

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