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Manden Empire Culture (1.0)

Arriving through a portal located on the Continent of Africa on Planet Earth the peoples of the Manden Empire arrived slowly over the space of 1200 years. They came from many different tribes, cultures, locations, and nations from that continent. It is for this reason that many scholars believe that they may have arrived not from one portal but from several. Whatever the case may be this created a great level of chaos and disunity until a great Noble and General of the Manden nation rose up to conquer the entire continent and unify all of the peoples.  This was a little over 200 years ago and since then the Manden Empire has grown and expanded both economically and militarily. They now control their entire continent along with many smaller nearby islands and trading ports throughout the region. They have made their fortune in the trade of salt and copper as well as taking tributes in gold from annexed areas and allies.  The military of the Manden Empire is that of professional soldiers, well trained and well equipped. They have a home defense force as well as an expeditionary force. It is from this that many adventurers are found.  Since arriving in this new world they have adapted well to the use of magic but it is restricted to use by nobles, elites, and priests only.  One does not see many druids from this culture but they do occasionally exist.  It is rumored that the Manden Empire has the best mobile warriors due to the inclusion of the Zulu Tribe. 

Restricted Classes: Druid, YuXia, Hoplite, and Peasant Hero, there are some stories of Manden taking up the path of the Samurai.

Special Ability: 

  • Starting Noble: all Maden Empire Culture players are considered to be of noble birth, even if they do not take the Noble class, and as such should look the part. This also means that they are assumed to be wealthy characters.  Maden Empire Culture players cannot play the role of common service people or play roles that go against this noble, and rich, background.  May not use Sick, Club, or Knife but start with 5 Royalty Points.

  • Rich Diplomat: All Manden Empire Culture players receive 10 extra GP starting wealth at the beginning of each event. In exchange for this they are expected to be diplomats and envoys for their nation.

  • Fast Battlefield Movement: Due to the influence of the Zulu tribe on their military history all Manden Empire Culture players receive Fast battlefield Movement.  Before the start of any battle the player may position themselves anywhere on the battlefield. The closest that they may get to the opposition’s battle line is at the max weapons range. This is normally a battlefield ability and will NOT be applied in quest. This may possibly change in certain situations depending on the judgment of the local Lore Master or Guard. This does not allow the player to overcome opponents defenses before the start of battle.

  • Level 3: Mounted: may cross river obstacles at no cost. May carry 1 party member at a time.

  • Level 6: Cavalry Warfare Training: If you are in a party that contains a player that has the Cavalry class then you receive a +1 to APR.  If you are a cavalryman yourself then you still receive this +1 to APR

  • Level 9: Cavalry Leader: Upon reaching this level the Empire assigns a Cavalry unit to you as bodyguards and your own small army.  Once per event you may declare a cavalry attack from your cavalrymen in the field. This is an automatic 5 points of damage to any target “on foot” but only 2 damage to any mounted opponent. This damage cannot be stopped but must be called out by the user.

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