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Norse Culture (1.2)

The Norse made their way into this world from a portal found in the far North of Earth, above the Arctic Circle. Here, they have settled the central and eastern parts of the North end of the continent. They have had many skirmishes with the Emerald Folk, mostly over land, but the cultures have also managed to trade with each during times of calm. The Dwarven Alliance have traded with the Norse over the years, but have seldom had any conflicts.  The Jotuns in the Northeast are a constant threat as they often raid Norse villages for supplies and captives. The Norse now have a strong presence in the North and are feared and respected throughout the continent. One can find the Norse offering their services as Mercenaries, Merchants, and Sailors.

Restricted Classes: Cavalier, Hoplite, Samurai, and YuXia. Paladins and Crossbowmen are rare, but some Norse warriors gain the skills of those classes after traveling to the lands of the South. Norse Barbarians are referred to as Berserkers.

Religion: The Norse culture worships the Asir and the Vanir, with Odin being the father of the Pantheon. Some of the Elvish and Dwarven beliefs have crept their way into the Norse beliefs, but they seem to fit well within that pantheon.

Special Abilities

  • Norse Weapon Training: All Norse characters can use a single-handed ax. All Norse characters can use a single-handed spear regardless of class.

  • Riverboat Captain: this player has a small rowboat on their ship or access to a rowboat and may use it to cross river obstacles. They can take their entire party in one trip.  All Norse players gain this ability regardless of class.

  • Level 3: Advanced Norse Culture - gain a +1 damage to 1 handed axes and 1 handed spear.  Riverboat Captain now works on Ocean obstacles.

  • Level 6: - Favor of the gods - all Norsemen can call up on Thor's Favor and gain 3 Lighting Bolts per day.  This must be called out. Can be renewed by the entertainer.

  • Level 9: Watched by Valkyries -If a Norse character is reduced to 0 HP while holding a weapon in their hand they are raised up to 5 HP after 30 seconds. During this 30 second time period the Norse character cannot move, attack, or otherwise act (except to move to a safe spot if needed)

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