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Ork Culture (1.1)

Orks have flooded into the world for the last 300 years, following the Cat Folk through one of the last active portals.  There are rumors that some Ork tribes pre-date this immigration in the East, but none have had contact with those tribes yet. Orks have a clan structure following the leadership of a chieftain.  They are often patrolling and scouting on the continent trying to find areas to settle or fortify and raid from. After several generations of living on this planet, some individual Orks have started to separate from their clans and strike out on their own.

Restricted Classes: Normally the following classes are restricted: Caviler, Crossbowman, YuXia, Hoplite, and Samurai

Religion: The Orks have their own pantheon, that you can read about HERE.

Special Ability: 

  • Ork Toughness: All Ork players receive +2HP (7total).

  • Ork Weapon Training: All Ork players can use the two handed ax and single hand ax.

  • Level 3: Improved Ork Weapon Training - All Ork players receive a +1 damage bonus on two handed axes.

  • Level 6: Improved Ork Toughness - the HP bonus for Orks improves to +3.

  • Level 9: Ork Rage - Orks become immune to damage from any opponent for 5 strikes. Can be used on multiple opponents. So, could ignore 1 strike from 5 opponents or 5 strikes from 1 opponent, or any combination of that.

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