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Paladin (1.2) Adventurer Class

Paladins are Holy Warriors that travel the lands looking to slay evil. All cultures have the Paladin class, but the look and style is specific to their own culture, region, faith, or philosophy.


Playing the Paladin

The paladin is one of the most defensive martial classes in the Dawn Lands LARP game. It is one of the few classes that can wear Level 3 (heavy) armor at first level. If you do not want to be a holy warrior in full armor then you may consider playing a different class. The Paladin also has a large range of weapons to choose from, can heal in limited amounts, and are effective against some certain types of monsters.


Armor Allowed: Level 3

Weapons Allowed: sword and shield, one handed mace and shield, long sword, short sword, dagger, knife, club, stick, one handed mace, two handed mace, hand and a half sword


  • Shield Use: may use all shields except for body/tower shields (if you are Reman you can use body/tower shield).

  • Holy Blast - 2 points of damage. Can be blocked by shields and armor.  Deals double damage to undead and demons. 6 per day. Can be renewed by the Entertainer.

  • NOTE: Dark Elf worshipers and others of evil heart may not become a Paladin but instead may play a Fallen Paladin.

  • Can use Divine Scrolls 

  • Plague Immunity: You do not take damage from plague areas.

  • Code of Honor: May not accept a challenge from a player of lower level.

  • Code of Mercy: May not attack a foe that asks for mercy, or allow such an attack.

  • Level 2:  Minor Healing Touch - may heal 1 HP per level a day, on self or other player, NPC, or monster. Requires a physical touch and must be called out.

  • Level 3: Cultural Ability

  • Level 4:  Improved Paladin Weapon Training - you now gain a +1 to damage to all Paladin weapons.  

  • Level 5: Improved Healing Touch - may heal 2 HP per day per level, on self or other player, NPC, or monster. Requires a physical touch and must be called out. Healing can be broken up into castings of 1 HP each. This replaces minor healing touch. 

  • Level 6: Cultural Ability

  • Level 7:  Crusader of the Faith (aka Crusader) - gain the title and rank of Crusader of the Faith, or simply Crusader. You now start each event with 10 GP as a stipend from your church or thankful villagers. 

  • Slayer of Evil: Damage vs undead, devils, or demons is now increased by +2. 

  • Armor Absorb Damage:  you can now sacrifice your armor to absorb the damage from an attack.  This is a 1 for 1 trade, so one point of APR can absorb 1 point of damage.  This ruins your armor and must be repaired by the Smith. Can use 1 time a day and cannot be renewed by the Entertainer. To use this ability you must call out “Absorb”.  For the Cavalier this only works with short ranged and long ranged weapons damage.

  • Level 8: Immortal Soul - due to the strength of will and spirit, you can no longer be raised as an undead creature. (Elvish Paladins can no longer be attacked by undead).  

  • Level 9: Cultural Ability

  • Level 10:  Champion of the Faith (aka Champion) - gain the title and Rank of Champion of the Faith, or simply Champion. You now start each event with 15 GP as a stipend from your church or thankful villagers  

  • Holy Body: you are now immune to energy drain ability from Necromancers.

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