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Places in the Dawn Lands can range from small villages to vast cities, evil crypts to holy temples. All are important and all hold rewards and perils for the adventurers of the Dawn Lands.

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Temple of the 7 Moons


Temple of the Seven Moons

The temple can be found in the center of the city of New Dawn. Sitting on a small hilltop, it stands above the other buildings. When the sun hits the moon shaped dome just right, it appears to glow and light the city. The temple is a place of holy grounds and if any violence occurs immediate death is bestowed upon the guilty party or parties. Commoners use the temple for prayer. Merchants, aristocrats, and bureaucrats can be seen vying for temple support. You can always find activity around the Temple.


 The holy temple is a series of limestone buildings interlaced with gold, of unknown architect, with high ceilings adorned with symbols from all over the world. You can feel the energy vibrating from the building. The entrance is a free and open space that welcomes all travelers. In the courtyard, many merchants or entertainers may be seen. A moon pool is in the courtyard. It is said the waters can help cleanse your soul. Inside the temple, there is a series of rooms that represent all known religions of the land. The entrance hall, past the courtyard, has high ceilings with a wide room, paneled with ancient décor. This room is used for ceremonies of all cultures. The open courtyard is lined with tall columns etched with a language long forgotten. At the end of the entrance hall is the central sanctuary used for worship and adorned with the symbols of the seven moons. A stained-glass moon shaped dome shines light down upon the altar. 

Amongst the many rooms of the temple is a parish room for business.  A large chamber is where the High priestess Utia can be found to give a blessing, cure a poor soul, or to speak to the dead. It is said that there is even a secret room that is used by the high priestess to bring people back from the dead. A library is heavily guarded, only those with special privileges may be given access. Behind the many walls, in the academy you can find the high priestess and orders passing down the knowledge and education bestowed upon them. It is said a dungeon full of wonderous treasures and untold secrets lies deep within the temple grounds. Only the high priestess knows the true layout of the temple. No common folk has ever witnessed a prophecy vision, but rumors abound that it is scary and yet a sight to behold. 

The back of the temple hosts the barracks. The training grounds for the Temple guards covers many combat classes. 


Academy of New Dawn: If interested send an email to We can have actual lessons, ways to level up or a place for you to hang out.


  • Student types that are welcome:

    • Entertainers

    • Healers

    • Alchemist

    • Scholars

    • NPCS if you don’t know what you want to be.

Temple Hierarchy and expectations: The temple is a place for those who want to RP but don’t want to combat. You must take an oath to serve the Temple of the Seven Moons and the oath ceremony is performed. You must perform duties before receiving housing and food perks. We roll dice to determine if you have powers from a deity or if you have an official scroll from a deity that has recommended you. This helps determine your position. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Email for links for attire or if you need assistance. 


High Priestess Utia: Wears red and gold dripped in gold ensemble.

  • Powers are from unknown deities and all Pantheons because of the demanding duties. 

  • Stays at the main temple. Only leaves if it is a must or special occasions.

  • May be seen at battles if guided via a vision. 

Sacred :Wears white and gold with a veil (interested applicants who are not already a member will be randomly chosen once a year)

  • chosen via unsolicited visions

  • caretakers of the high priestess and priestess 

  • assists in ceremonies or events 

Priestess: White and gold gown but earn their gold necklace (provided by the temple)

  • Receives powers from deities. 

  • Teaches those below them and helps with lesson plans.

  • Learns directly from the high priestess. 

  • Will travel to battle grounds to assist in healing. 

Temple maiden: white and gold gown

  • No special powers from deities

  • Assists in ceremonies, spells.

  • Helps keep the temple running. 

  • Checks shrines to make sure all in are in order.

  • Keeps the schedule and makes appointments.

  • Retrieves items for spells or potions.

Scholar: white and gold gown

  • This position is mainly to document: make copies of important documents, document blessings, healings and keep inventory.

  • May be asked to run errands or messages. 

Pupil: All in white

  • Has shown signs of powers from deities

  • Has taken the oath to the Temple of the seven moons

Initiates: Wear brown

  • No special abilities

  • orphaned and given to the temple

  • duties are to help maintain the temple.

  • this can be for those busy moms who want to participate at the temple but need a safe space for their kids to play.

                  Sacred                      Priestess               Temple Maiden                       Order                           Pupil


Temple Guards:

The temple guards are an order of The Temple of the Seven Moons that have sworn an oath to keep the balance in the realm. The order is non-military and non-political. Members of the order can be of any combat class. Any member of the Order that do not want to take part in assignments (i.e. escort duty) can still earn experience and possible promotion as a temple guard and be rewarded for their service. There are three ranks: Private, Lieutenant, and Captain. The order has many assignments including: scout duty, temple guarding, protection duty, escort duty, combat, and more. ALL PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS OF THE ORDER MUST TAKE AN OATH IN ORDER TO BE PART OF THE ORDER.


Temple Guard Hierarchy:


Private: The rank of Private is the lowest rank in the Order and is denoted by one gold star. Privates will take orders from Lieutenants and Captains. Privates may be the lowest rank but still have many opportunities for important assignments. Privates stay in barracks unless on assignment.


Lieutenant: The rank of Lieutenant is above Private but below Captain and is denoted with two gold stars. Lieutenants are more experienced than Privates and are more likely to have important assignments. Lieutenants can give orders to Privates only in the absence of a Captain. Lieutenants will stay in barracks or the temple, unless on assignment.


Captain: The rank of Captain is the highest rank in the Order and is denoted with three RED stars. Captains will take general and specific direction from the High Priestess, but they do have the autonomy to make decisions that he/she sees fit to accomplish what needs to be done. Captains can choose any number of personnel of any rank for assignments. Captains will stay in the temple, unless on assignment.


Temple Guards will have two different uniforms: Guard duty at the temple and assignments where we want to stand out will have a white/gold uniform in line with colors of the temple. Any missions requiring stealth or secrecy will have a uniform of darker colors (still trying to figure out color scheme). Email me at for links to the decided uniforms.


Permanent Inhabitants:

The High priestess, The Sacred, pupils, and initiates can always be found at the temple unless it is a special occasion.


Temporary Inhabitants:

The priestess can be found out and about in the city. 

Temple maidens and orders are free to come and go as they please.

Common practices:

  • You are not allowed to touch the high priestess, priestess, sacred, and pupils. They can only touch you. The temple maiden and scholar are free to come and go within the community. They can be found to be escorted via a temple guard.

  • Treat all temple members with respect.

  • It is important to bring an offering to the temple if you want a higher chance of receiving a positive blessing, if not, fate may not be kind to you. (As of right now, it can be anything but will change per event. We will know if you did this or not….trust us…we know.)

  • The sacred bell must be rung before entering the temple to inform the deity of your arrival. (This is a very sacred bell as old as the temple itself)

  • When addressing the high priestess, kneel or bow while speaking the words “Princeps sacerdos tuus”. 



  • The temple must receive some form of payment for services. We are working with the DM to see what this will be.

  • The temple can be a place to seek to heal or prevent injuries, poisons, and diseases.

  • Can remove curses. 

  • If a party member has died, one can bring them to the temple to be brought back to life, if they are lucky. The high priestess can only do this at the main temple located in New Dawn. The further she travels away from the main temple, the less likely she can resurrect the dead. 

  • The temple will have quests to allow a chance for special items or information. It is important to visit the temple regularly. 

  • Temple may have problems that need to be resolved discreetly. 

  • Temple can sell potions or scrolls.

  • Visit the temple throughout the day for important encounters or information. 

  • We welcome anyone interested in helping at the temple.

  • If you want to become a ranked member, please email me and we will discuss expectations.

  • If interested in becoming a guard, please email me and we will discuss expectations.

  • If you are interested in becoming a Sacred, I can take applicants, but they will be randomly selected just once a year.

  • We would love to host meetings, holidays, festivals, celebrations. So please, contact me with any ideas. I can also add these to a calendar. Please list date, deity celebrated and how you want to celebrate.


  • The temple hosts many deities of good and evil but seek to keep peace in the world. We believe there is balance. Without either, balance cannot exist. We do not question what our visions have shown or what the deities have asked of us. We call upon our powers for the service being asked of us. It is not in our power if they work or not. Your fate is determined by the deities. 

  • Shiandria (the green moon, the Forest Maiden)

  • M'Nak (the brown moon that also represents magic)

  • Vortex the black moon (Lord of Evil and Tyranny, in some parts of the world he is also combined with or seen as Asmodeous) 

  • Renessa the Red Mood (and mother of all) 

  • Crysteel (the white moon, the daughter of cold-hearted intelligence and warfare and ice & snow) 

  • Valorus (the moon that looks like ours, the moon of war and sacrifice) 

  • Duran (the blue and white moon, actually a water planet with strong storms)


If you have any questions please contact us


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