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Dawn Lands Herald January 2024

Don't forget the Winter Craft Challenge

This challenge starts on Dec 7th and Ends on April 1st 2024.

Craft an item, could be any item, build a set of armor, sew a set of gloves, whatever you choose as long is it is medieval, camping, LARP, or fantasy based or inspired.

This challenge is worth 3 XP. And can only be taken twice (x2) per person.


When and Where: Feb. 3rd, Annville Kentucky

The Dawn Lands one day (and indoors!)

The Dawn rises and spring comes in to banish the dark of winter.

This one day event will be all about dueling tourneys, games, gambling, merchants, dancing, and will have a bit of a carnival feel. Weather permitting, we will hold the Goblin Ball World Championships and a Dawn Lands LARP rules team battle.

This event is a little different from our larger events, you will not need your character sheets, just remember what class and culture you are playing and please dress as your character.

For GPS your destination should be the Jackson County Bank in Annville. It is across the road from the local gas station and the entrance to the site. Follow the signs from there.

Sign up to volunteer at Troll (gate) HERE!

Sign up to volunteer to help with activities HERE!

If you are a merchant please fill out our google form HERE!


Opossums are notorious scavengers known for their penchant to snatch anything and everything in their path. Be wary of these resourceful creatures, as they may not hesitate to claim items left unattended. Their scavenging instincts make them adept at pilfering food, scraps, and various belongings. Stay vigilant to avoid unexpected encounters with these opportunistic opossums.


Upcoming events



  • The only currency that can be accepted by in game merchants, services, and activities is OFFICIAL Dawn Lands LARP currency. Any outside, or different, currency will not be accepted.

  • Remember your gold, IOUs, potions, scrolls, and similar items are persistent. Keep them! You can use them at the next event. Unfortunately if you lose them, then that is on you, as they will not be replaced.

  • To get the benefit of armor YOU MUST ACTUALLY WEAR armor at that level. CLICK HERE to see the armor listing sheet.

  • Daggers are now piercing.

  • Knives can be thrown.

  • The Dawn Lands now has a Discord channel:

  • Don't touch or remove props from quest sites unless they are marked by a red cord/ribbon or they are specified in the quests as being loot-able.


Meeting at Skrattafell

This will be our 3 day camping event during the weekend of May 3rd to May 5th at Possum Trot Camp Ground, Jesse Wilson Rd, Manchester, KY 40962. Chaos reigns in the Dwarven Kingdom - the Norse Jarl has opened up his Hall to the various Dwarven Clans in the hopes of finding a new King of the Dwarves. Trade routes need reestablished and the gold needs to flow. The Great Forge has lain cold for far too long. In the great war of "Breaking of the Wall" the forces of the South invaded the plains and coastal cities, towns, and villages. During this time, the Dwarves of the Northern Mountains did not set idly by. Good and brave King Martok, accompanied by his son Volstag, rode out to join the armies of the good and righteous to turn back the tide of evil from the South. In the glorious battle to break the siege of Thazia, good King Martok lost his life. After the war, his son Volstag took the throne - ending after just a few turns of the Red Moon, when King Volstag was deposed while away on a crusade to the East. Now the Dwarven kingdom is in chaos as they attempt to appoint a new ruler. There are even rumors of a new clan of dwarves desiring to put their beards into the forge.

Skrattafell Details

On the campground we have one bunk house that fits 12 individuals, it will be for rent, $10.00 per person for the entire weekend or rent it as a household.

We have two special campsites:

Hilltop - which is a small field on top of a hill

Side-fort - which is a flat spot on a hill, 2 fire pits and a picnic table.

Both of these campsites have direct parking.

The special campsites are open only to households and are on a first come first serve basis, so contact us asap!






Get to Know an NPC

January edition

Utia of Jotunland

Born to farmers whose faces have faded with time. Her memories have faded but some are still burned in her mind forever. Utia remembers the first day ‘They’ came for her. She was maybe around ten and it was a hot day. She found relief under a tree and fell asleep. She was awoken from the cries of her mother in the distance. Men in white armor were escorting a lady wearing an extravagant red gown and a large gold headdress that seemed to reach towards the sky. As they drew closer she could see the sigil of The Temple of the Seven moons on the men's armor. The lady being escorted was the High Priestess. She towered over her as she spoke, ”A vision has made you seen and you shall fulfill your duties.” That was the last day she saw her family. 

Centuries have passed since she was taken to the Temple to serve the Seven Moons. She was stripped of her culture, names, and titles, reborn again to serve the old deities of Dawn Lands. Priestesses do not take husbands and do not birth children. They must dedicate their lives to serve the deities to bring balance to Dawn Lands. 

She succeeded amongst her peers and ascended in the temple ranking. The former High Priestess mentored her for centuries before she fell at the battle of the valley of Broken Dreams during the War of the Breaking of the Wall. When the high priestess fell, her peers pushed her to fill the position. Their aid contributed to defeating the evil forces of the south and bringing balance back to Dawn Lands. High Priestess Utia resides in her chambers, her daily duties unknown to just a few close to her since the war of the Breaking of the Wall.

What NPC would you like to learn about next issue?

  • Aryellas Darkbloom

  • Commander Vegus Marius?

  • Vex Barnhill?

  • Thorgrim the Fallen Paladin?

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