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Dawn Lands Herald December 2023

Updated: Jan 19

The October Event

The Wild Hunt has come and gone, leaving winter to set in. The good peoples of the world have returned to the comfort and warmth of their homes. It is now that we turn inward and start to repair armor, study our spell books, cloister ourselves in prayer, and start our crafting projects.

Here are but a few pictures from the Wild Hunt. Most of the pictures were taken by Brittany Smith, some are contributions by others.

To see all of the collected photos go to:

Aftermath of the Wild Hunt

After many years, the Wild Hunt traversed the lands - making way through the Town of Sylvannus. The peoples were a brave and proud lot and fought steadily through the night - making a stand both at the Dragons Den Tavern and the Temple of the Seven Moons. As is the nature of the Hunt, all those found in the town were temporarily conscripted into Hounds, howling and hunting all through the night. As dawn broke, so did the spell of the Wild Hunt, returning all those in the town to their normal selves. All memories of the night were kept. The Raven Queen and Krampus upheld their duty to the Wild Hunt - killing none. It is known that the Raven Queen despises the undead and has protected those plagued by them in the past and will continue to do so.

Thanks to all of the Goblins for catching so many of the rats in Sylvanus! The plague was quarantined and did not spread out of the infection area thanks to their efforts!


Some of the Dawn Land staff and players were invited out for a last minute interview on a local podcast. YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT HERE.


Upcoming events



  • Remember your gold, IOUs, potions, scrolls, and similar items are persistent. Keep them! You can use them at the next event. Unfortunately if you lose them, then that is on you, as they will not be replaced.

  • To get the benefit of armor YOU MUST ACTUALLY WEAR armor at that level. CLICK HERE to see the armor listing sheet.

  • The only currency that can be accepted by in game merchants, services, and activities is OFFICIAL Dawn Lands LARP currency. Any outside, or different, currency will not be accepted.

  • Daggers are now piercing. Knives can be thrown.

  • The Dawn Lands now has a Discord channel:

  • Don't touch or remove props from quest sites unless they are marked by a red cord/ribbon or they are specified in the quests as being loot-able.


New classes and and updates:

  • Bard has been introduced to the game.

  • Samurai has been updated.

  • Hedge Witch has been updated.

  • Oracle has been updated and changed to an adventuring class.

  • Entertainer has been removed.

  • Plague Doctor has been introduced to the game.

  • Scholar has been removed as a class and changed into an admin role (aka job).

  • Smith has been updated and made into an adventuring class.

  • Peasant Hero has been updated.

  • Hexenkrieger has been introduced to the game.

New Cultures:

  • Satyr

  • Celestial Born

  • Kitsune

  • Tiefling


Rules Updates and Clarifications!

One Handed Vs. Two Handed

A weapon is considered One Handed when it is either too short to wield with two hands or is short enough that during normal use, the wielder has the off hand free.

A Two Handed weapon is a weapon that requires both the main hand and the off hand to be used. A Two Handed weapon cannot be used one handed or along with an offhand weapon or shield. (The exception to this is if you grab a Two Handed weapon with one hand, but do not attack with it - you may then wield a weapon with the other hand.) *long spears and pole weapons may be choked down to a one handed grip.

Questing and Loot

Generally speaking NPCs and monsters do not “drop loot”. Weapon and item labels are not loot-able or to be removed. If an item is loot-able or can be taken, then it will be listed within the quest details or it will have a red cord wrapped around it. IF it is not listed or does not have a cord, then it is not loot-able and you should leave it alone.

Households and Perks

Households are limited to 6 perks plus the charter perk - even if the Liege Lord is changed.

Liege Lords do not gain Royalty Points for themselves, it is for their household only.

Thrown Weapons

Only weapons that are labeled as throwing (either in the rules or on the weapon itself) can be thrown. If they are not labeled as such, then they cannot be thrown.

Do not throw shields! Shields are not considered thrown weapons, no matter the size.

Eye Protection

Since hits to the head are illegal in Dawn Lands LARP, eye protection is not required, but accidents do happen. So, eye protection is highly encouraged, especially in engagements that involve archery. We will have free loaner eye protection at check in. If you choose not to wear said eye protection, then you will need to note this on the waiver that you are rejecting eye protection.

Combat and Non-combat classes

The system that designated characters as either Adventurers and Townsfolk has been removed. Henceforth, all characters are capable of questing, they just may not be good at it and may choose to stay in the safety of town. This could even be the case for a combat oriented class, such as the "retired" Paladin that wants to just stay in town.

The Entertainer has been removed completely, some of the townsfolk (non-combat) classes have been converted into jobs. The scholar and the alchemist have been removed, but some of their responsibilities have been changed to jobs.







When and Where: Feb. 3rd, Annville Kentucky

The Dawn Lands one day (and indoors!) Winter Festival event: Galad. The Dawn rises and spring comes in to banish the dark of winter. This one day event will be all about dueling tourneys, games, gambling, merchants, dancing, and will have a bit of a carnival feel. Weather permitting, we will hold the Goblin Ball World Championships and a Dawn Lands LARP rules team battle.

For GPS your destination should be the Annville Christian Academy or Annville Institute pool and then follow the signs.


Getting to know the NPCs of Dawn Lands

Komi of Eilistraee

Komi's tale is one of both shadow and light - a journey from the depths of Drow society, to the embrace of a new path. Born into the heart of the dark and intricate webs of the Underdark, Komi was the youngest daughter of the esteemed High Priestess for the Temple of Lolth. Her upbringing was steeped in the twisted traditions of her people, where the art of war and the skill of assassination were as natural as breathing.

From her early years, Komi displayed exceptional prowess in combat and stealth, honing her abilities with the sword and mastering the art of moving through shadows unseen. She thrived in the demanding environment, competing fiercely with her older sisters for recognition and favor within the ruthless society they called home.

Fate is often a cruel mistress, and tragedy struck when mysterious circumstances claimed the lives of her sisters. The circumstances surrounding their demise, whether a sinister plot or a cruel twist of destiny, cast a dark shadow over Komi. Blamed or shunned by her kin, she found herself on the precipice of exile, forced to leave the confines of the Drow lands that she called home.

Alone in the unforgiving wilds, Komi found solace and strength in the quiet expanse of the forests. She turned her focus to survival, mastering the arts of tracking and hunting, embracing the ways of the wilderness as she sought to redefine herself beyond the rigid confines of her former life.

It was during her wanderings that fate once again intervened, guiding her to a group of followers devoted to Eilistraee, the goddess of moonlight and song, who stood in stark contrast to the dark deity of her upbringing. Drawn by the call of a different kind of faith—one that embraced beauty, freedom, and the dance of life—Komi found herself resonating with the ideals and teachings of Eilistraee.

With newfound purpose, she ventured beyond the forests, guided by the echoes of a different destiny, until she found herself in Silver Oak. The small, thriving town welcomed her with open arms, its beauty and prosperity a stark contrast to the shadows of her past. In Silver Oak, she found a place where her skills were valued, where she could seek redemption and forge a new identity, far removed from the treacherous politics and cruelty of her Drow heritage.

Here, amidst the gentle glow of moonlight and the warmth of a welcoming community, Komi sought to atone for the darkness of her past, embracing her role as a protector, a warrior for the light, and a symbol of hope for those who dared to defy the shadows.

It was also in Silver Oak that she came to know her adventuring partner Lilashae the Elvish Oracle. Together the two bought a castle and became the official defenders of the town. They dealt with many dangers and protected the town many times, even against a Green Dragon. They made friends, turned adventuring party, and then ventured out into the greater realms making names for themselves.

What NPC would you like to learn about next issue?

  • Thorgrim the Fallen Paladin?

  • Commander Vegas Marius?

  • Vex Barnhill?

  • High Priestess Victarian?

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