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Winter Crafting Challenge! (23-24)

We, Sgt. Brannith Marius and Commander Vegas Marius, issue this challenge to the good peoples of the realms.

Winter is upon us and as many of us are stuck inside of our forts, homes, villa, caves, and tree dwellings this is a fine time to craft.

This challenge starts on Dec 7th and Ends on April 1st 2024.

Craft an item, could be any item, build a set of armor, sew a set of gloves, whatever you choose as long is it is medieval, camping, LARP, or fantasy based or inspired.

This challenge is worth 3 XP. And can only be taken twice (x2) per person.


Bonus XP!!!

If you create an item for your campsite for the May event (such as a tent, flag, equipment, etc.) then you receive 1 extra XP.

If you give the item to another player, especially a new one in need of items, weapons, and garb then you receive 1 extra XP.

Special rule!

This must be documented, you must tell us what your project is, start date, a picture at the beginning, the end date, and picture of the finished project.


Reminder of XP Rules!


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