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Ranger (1.2) Adventurer Class

Rangers, also known as Scouts, can be found in every culture. Either on the frontier protecting towns, scouting ahead of large armories, hunting food for the families or communities, or taking excursions out from civilization for those that pay.


Playing the Ranger

The Ranger has lots of varied abilities that help them to survive the rigors of adventuring in the wilderness.  They are good in combat but even better in quest.  If you want a warrior that has lots of other skills, can dual wield weapons, wears little armor, and has skill with a bow and arrow the Ranger is for you.


Armor Allowed: Level 1 armor

Weapons Allowed: knife, Dagger, Stick, Club, bow and arrow, short sword, long sword, one handed ax, throwing ax, hand and a half sword


  • Dual Wielding: Can dual wield two longswords, longsword and knife, one handed ax and short sword, or longsword and short sword.

  • Bow and Arrow Use (6/day): Can use bow and arrow (6 arrows per day, Smith can refill).

  • Cartography Skill: Receives a map of the quest areas at the start of the game. Cannot be traded, stolen, or sold.

  • Favored Enemy: Upon character creation the player chooses a Monster, Race, or Class that becomes the character's “favored class”.  Any damage dealt to a target that meets the classification requirements of this favored class receives an extra +1 combat damage. This damage bonus applies to all weapons that the Ranger can use. The Favored enemy must be listed on the player’s character sheet, and cannot be changed after character creation.

  • Level 2:  Nature Scrolls: can read scrolls of the nature school.

  • Level 3: Cultural Ability

  • Level 4:  Dexterous Movement: The player is considered to be wearing level 1 armor (stacks with battle monk, pirate dexterous movement, and others). This is due to quick movement and dodging ability. This also stacks with/adds to pre-existing armor.

  • Level 5:  Improved Ranger Weapons Training: gain a +1 to damage for all Ranger weapons (except bows)

  • Level 6: Cultural Ability, 

  • Level 7:  Warder - gain the title and rank of Warder.  Start each event with 10 GP as payment for protecting the lands of kingdoms, the church, and others. Bonded Animal: may carry a stuffed animal familiar. If you do so, you are granted 1 extra HP 

  • Level 8:  Improved Senses - can now detect magic, sense monsters, sense undead, and communicate with Ghosts. Advanced At one with nature: All players from this class or culture are immune to the 1st and 2nd  and 3rd attack/bolt from the Entangle spell ability (one hit is considered zero, two are considered one, etc). This stacks with other sources, so a Cherokee Ranger could ignore four bolts.

  • Level 9: Cultural Ability

  • Level 10:  Ranger Lord - gain the title and rank of Ranger Lord.  Start each event with 20 GP as payment for protecting the lands of kingdoms, the church, and others

  • Improved Bonded Animal: may carry a stuffed animal familiar. If you do, you are granted 2 extra HP and gain +1 damage to all attacks (except ranged attacks like bow and arrow).

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