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Faiths and Beliefs


In the beginning there was nothing.


Chaos swirled above the void and it became the Ginnungap, the rift where chaos fell into void.  One side of the rift was a world of eternal fire, and it was known as Muspelheim.  On the other side was a world of eternal ice, known as Niflheim.  Where the frost and fire touched, it created steam and water.   From this, the first and largest living thing was formed, Ymir, the primeval giant.

The Seven Moons

In the realm of the Dawn Lands, a pantheon of deities has long held sway over the forces of nature, human endeavors, and the very essence of life itself. These gods and goddesses, each with their unique domains and characteristics, have shaped the destiny of the world and guided its inhabitants through trials and triumphs.


On the World of Shiandria the Greek and Reman pantheons have remained largely the same. With the Primary exception being that the Greeks have accepted the Elves and the Fae to a much greater degree.  The Greeks have even started to portray some of their deities as Elves and have included the Fae into their pantheon.  The Remans, not so much.

Ork Pantheon

The orc pantheon is a collection of brutal deities that rule over the ork race. The Tribe was dominated by the central drive of the father and chieftain of the pantheon, Gruumsh One-Eye, that being the desire to obtain territory through war, the other orc gods simply reflecting the facets of this primary motivation. All subscribed to a "might makes right" attitude, but while evil and lacking in sophistication, they were nonetheless powerful protectors and advocates for their people.

Other Pantheons

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