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Reman Culture (1.1)

The Remans made their way through the portal in the East of the continent around 1200 years ago from Earth in the year 9 AD.  They quickly expanded to the east coast of the continent and built many towns and cities. They establish trade with the Dwarves in the West and the Humans in the South. The Remans have had many battles and skirmishes with the Jotun in the North, but have managed to fight them off many times, at great cost.  They often refer to themselves as New Rome or Sons of Remus, and have become major political players on the continent. The Remans have kept their same form of government and are governed by their senate. In the last few decades they have survived a civil war and a faction of the Remans have branched off but have recently been reabsorbed under the leadership of a new and powerful general. This general is a follower of the Church of Asmodeus and many more traditional Remans feel that he is trying to destroy their traditional belief system.

Restricted Classes: May not play Barbarian, Samurai, Druid, YuXia, Hoplite or Raider  (although the Remans do hire Raiders from other cultures and Greek Hoplites as mercenaries).

Religion: The Remans worship the gods of the Roman Pantheon. Recently some soldiers have started following the church of Asmodeus

Special Abilities: 

  • Reman Weapon Training: All Reman players may use the gladius, regardless of class.

  • Tower Shield Use: Any Reman player that plays a character class that can use a shield can also use Scutum shield (also known as Body Shield).

  • Javelin Use: all Reman players may use a Javelin 2 times a day.

  • Level 3: Javelin Shield Destruction - all Reman players may destroy shields when throwing Javelins. This requires one successful hit of a Javelin thrown by that character making contact with an opponent's shield. The shield is now useless and can no longer be used in combat. But, it can be repaired by a Smith.

  • Level 6: Favor of the Senate - at the start of each event you gain 10 GP.  You also gain an additional 10 GP that can only be used to bribe NPCs or Monster, or pay for mercenaries.

  • Level 9: Favor of Jupiter/Zeus - You gain immunity to electricity and electrical spells and abilities, like Lightning Bolt.

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