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Rogue (1.45) Adventurer Class

Rogues are found in every culture and go by many names: spy, thief, cat burglar, explorer, etc. Many use their skills for productive means, and others are as dishonest as they are skilled.


Playing the Rogue

The Rogue relies on stealth, positioning, and subtlety to achieve their goals. The Rogue has a decent amount of choices in weapon use and can use piercing weapons. If you want to play a character that doesn't have to wear armor to be effective and is a very useful party member in quest then this is the class for you.


Armor Allowed: Level 1

Weapons Allowed: knife, dagger, stick, club, long sword, short sword, rapier, hand crossbow


  • Dual Wielding: Can dual wield small weapons (two daggers, two knives, or one short sword and one dagger).

  • Pick Locks: can open treasure boxes in quest and encounter areas.

  • Backstab: ignore armor and If attacking from behind or the side (cannot use ranged weapons). Must call this out for each strike. If your strike is successful, the target's HP drops to 0. Can be used an unlimited amount of times. Ignore all APR protection of all types.

  • Use Hand Crossbow: Three shots per day (3/day). Can be refilled by the Smith (If you play a Tissian character, then you get a +1 to hand crossbow damage). 

  • Buckler Use: can use small shields/bucklers

  • Level 2: Dexterous Movement - The player is considered to be wearing level 1 armor (stacks with battle monk, pirate dexterous movement, and others). This is due to quick movement and dodging ability. This also stacks with/adds to pre-existing armor.

  • Level 3: Cultural Ability, Arcane Scroll Training - can read arcane scrolls

  • Level 4:  Evasion - Your APR DOES act against the Lightning Bolt Spell (normally the Lightning bolt spell ignores armor/APR) 

  • Level 5:  Improved Rogue Weapons Training - Gain a +1 on damage to all Rogue weapons (except for the hand crossbow).

  • Level 6: Cultural Ability 

  • Level 7:  Bandit Lord - gain the title and rank of Bandit Lord. Now gain 15 GP at the beginning of every event, due to your rackets, protection money, or some other means. 

  • Iron Mind: you cannot be controlled by Fey Charm or Fey Sleep or anything similar, you can still be raised as an undead zombie).

  • Level 8: Scroll Reading - can cast NON ATTACK spells from scrolls, 3 per day of any type. Can be renewed by the Entertainer. 

  • Domineering Personality: Can ask a question (either intimidation, charm, bluff, etc) from NPC or monster during interaction, must be answered. One time per day (1/day), can be renewed by the Entertainer.

  • Level 9: Cultural Ability

  • Level 10:  Bandit Master - gain the title and rank of Bandit Master. Now gain 30 GP at the beginning of every event, due to your rackets, protection money, or some other means.

  • Worldly Rogue: may pick a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level ability from any culture or class. This becomes a permanent skill but can only use it 1 time per day and cannot be renewed.

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