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Satyr Culture (1.0)

Male Satyrs look like humanoids of stout build, with fur-covered lower bodies and legs and cloven hooves similar to those of a goat, or similar creature.  Female Satyrs, often called “fawns”, are similar but often are quick and lithe more than they are strong. For both male and female Satyr, goat-like horns top their heads; these come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small nubs to big curling ones akin to a ram. Younger satyrs tend to keep their hair short, while older satyrs would just let it grow until it hangs about their shoulders. Charming, carousing, charismatic, and lecherous, this branch of Fae really just wants to have fun and enjoy their time in this world. Although they are strong and physically gifted they prefer not to fight.  


Satyrs usually live in small villages in the hills and forest, protected from the incursions of Humans and Dwarves, whom they see as mischievous and greedy. They do however get along with the Catfolk, Elves, and Fae.

Restricted Classes: Samurai, Hoplite, Hexenkreiger, Commander, Noble, Youxia

Religion: Their core belief is that of the fae, but each Satyr and Faun may have additional beliefs, these often change daily.

Special Ability

  • Satyr Strength: All satyr characters receive a +1 damage to weapons that they can use.

  • Satyr Bravery: Due to their great courage, although some would say foolhardiness or arrogance, they are immune to all fear attacks.

  • Limited Weapon Choice: Due to their good nature and distast of serious combat Satyr usually do not train much in weapon use. Cannot use any weapons other than musical instruments, clubs, and sticks.  If you play a class that grants special abilities to a particular weapon you may substitute one of these weapons for that one.

  • Immune to fae charm and sleep: but usually goes along with it anyway. Due to their Fae ancestry the Satyr are immune to these things.

  • Fae Ancestry: Satyr are considered Fae for the purposes of spells, abilities, plots, and story.

  • Level 3: Captivate: The Satyr can perform and stop one person from acting. This person may do nothing, as long as they are not being harmed, other than look at the Satyr using this ability.  If the target is attacked by the Satyr, or harmed by anyone, this ability is broken.  The Satyr can before in any way they choose, dance, sing, joke, etc.  This ability can be used three times per day (3x day) and can be renewed by the entertainer. The CALL for this is “Captivate!”.  This call must be yelled out loud and clearly and it even helps to point at the target player and actively gain their attention. Explain the ability to target player if needed.

  • Level 6: Immune to Poison: Due to their long history and drink and party they have built up an immunity to the ill effects of all poisons, toxins, and strong drink.

  • Level 9: Immune to Backstab: Due to the Satyrs keen senses, and adrenaline junky lifestyle, they are no longer subject to backstab attacks.

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