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Small Folk Culture (1.3)

Long, long ago the Gnomes traveled from the “First World” (also called the Never Never) to settle on this world. Nestled in the hills and forests of the South, they have lived for many centuries. They prefer to live peacefully, at one with nature, and like to trade with the Elves to their North and Northwest. They have slowly built up a loose confederation of cities, towns, and villages. Many Fae creatures that come across the natural tranquility found here decide to live among this gentle folk. Around 50 years ago, the homelands of the Halflings were overrun by an army of undead and the surviving Halflings were forced to flee across the sea to the lands of the Small Folk to make new lives here.  No one knows why the undead army invaded their lands or why it stayed, but it looms as a constant threat to the future peace and tranquility and a blight on the lands. Despite that, the Fae, Gnomes, and Halflings live and ‘work’ alongside each other.

Restricted Classes: Samurai, Hoplite, and YuXia.

Religion: The Small Folk worship the Mother and Father deities.

Special Ability

  • Dedicated Crafting: Due to their natural knowledge of crafting and charm, all Small Folk characters receive non-combat services at half price.

  • Natural Skill: all Small Folk have the Pick locks ability. If you are also a rogue then this ability “stacks” and you instead/also get the “find treasure” ability.

  • In touch with the Never Never: all Small Folk are immune to Fae Curse and Fae Charm.

  • Nature Scroll Training: can read/use nature scrolls

  • Level 3: Dexterous Movement - the player is considered to be wearing level 1 armor or they may increase their APR by +1.

  • Level 6: Arrow Immunity - due to special training and tactics, the Small Folk are immune to arrow damage. Always on.

  • Level 9: Immune to magic - immune to all harmful abilities from Scrolls (for the Arcane or Necromancer schools and Mages, or Necromancer's abilities/spells).

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